Should Video Game developers make more female protagonists?

Asked by: Burnouts3s3
  • Sure why not?

    I do not think developers should jump right to a male protagonist. The only games I really play are MMOs and ARPG games so this wouldn't really affect me because I just create a female character anyway. There's only one game I've seen to have a female protagonist though; that was Assassins Creed III: Liberation. I think developers should try to widen their protagonist from simply being a white guy to having asian women, black women, black males, latino women & men, homosexual men and women and have some diversity in video games instead of the white guy. Not saying that they all need to not be a white guy, just more should be diverse.

  • They should make more female protagonists who actually have backgrounds

    Too many video games are taking female characters with in-depth backgrounds, sexualising them, and then selling them to make a profit from the male dominated audience. Catwoman from Arkham City (a character that actually has some interesting story), is dressed in an unnecessary manner that does not do anything for the game! Female characters should fit their role, just as the men do. Overtly explicit material is not the way to go.

  • Yes, but with strings

    I think video games have the potential to tell great stories. That, and we could use more variety of women in video games. But, I don't think we should simply have 'more'. I think we need more variety, not more of the same i.e. action girls with little to no distinguishing personalities, such as Lightning from FF or Nilin from Remember Me. I'd say examples such as Kreia from Kotor 2, Aveline from Dragon Age 2 and Clementine from Walking Dead Season 2.

    We should empathize quality over quantity.

  • We need more heroines like Yuna

    Have you played FFX and FFX-2?

    See the characterisation of Yuna, That's how a true female hero should be represented. Japanese companies can create proper Female Leads, The problem is that most gamers are misogynist assholes that can depict woman only as some sexual not as a protagonist. . Nor lead.

    It's a society issue, People should learn that, Even if in our reality woman may not always be nice to deal with, In games often they're created to be how a woman is really supposed to be. Thus, They're much more likeable.

    I wish man gamers would notice that.

  • Looks like 50% are sexist.

    I don't hate men, I hate sexist men and most men I've met so far are sexist. Men, Put yourselves in us women's shoes. Would you like it if your gender were ridiculed or left out in games, Shows, Etc? Don't be sexist, Let's be equal. I'll love you more if you are fair. There's a reason why I was single a long time, My fiance is the the first after a couple friends and some family members who actually gets why us women think it's unfair. And he fights for us! I fight for men who's gender equal too, They're the only ones who deserves to be fought for. Just like gender equal women are the only ones who does.

  • Contray to popular belief, Female gamers do exist.

    I've refused to play games without a female option for the past 5 years because I am not a dude. I have had enough with most games being male oriented. Guys have enough protagonists already, Let us have some as well. And definitely not some cheap fanservice bullshit ones either.

  • Yes, we need the option of both male and female protagonists for a more enjoyable game for the desires of gamers of both genders.

    Whenever I talk about video games, the question is, at one point or another, "Do you consider yourself a gamer girl?" As though it is a rare thing. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember, games like GTA IV and the original assassins creed before most guy gamers have. And people tell me they thought I wasn't into that kind of stuff. The truth is 47% of women are gamers. That's half of all gamers. Yet still, when I chat with fellow gamers, many tell me they've never met a girl gamer. The problem is that game devs don't see that we want to play as a character we can relate to as well. Because we don't go out in the community, and tell them what we think. And it's not just girls, plenty of guys also want female characters. Attractive female characters can actually draw in more potential male buyers than a stoic male character. I think every game should have the option for both male and female characters so that everyone can be happy with who they're playing as. I think games such as Syndicate, GTA V elder scrolls series do a very good job of making an example of how a heavily story based game can give the options of both male and female or multiple characters without forcing a story to change dramatically.

  • Women are a valid half of human population.

    Of course, the developers should add more decent female characters (including lead characters). It is just as basic for me as letting people of color to vote. Women are a half of humanity. Women have a right to vote and can go to work. Women can study at schools and universities. Women can drive cars and play sports. Women are even allowed to serve in combat units of our military. Plus, female gamers constitute about 45% of the gaming community. So, taking into account all the mentioned above why the heck everything in video games (also, in movies, TV and other media) should revolve around white straight men? Just because of some [close-minded] people's outdated attitudes on what counts as 'woman appropriate activity'? Doesn't seem legitimate to me.

  • Women and girls are gamers too

    I am a 13 year old gamer and I'm a girl. But am expected by my mother to be 'pretty' and find a new interest. I hate the fact that everyone who think girls play games are only doing it for a guy! Someone please stop forcing girls to be what the world think they should be! Just Please! Then girls in video games are always being saved and can't fight for themselves and being sex dolls to all the men in games! And the women who do fight are in skimpy clothes! Samus was the greatest female protag ever, and before zero suit, no one knew that person was a girl. I want to at least play Street Fighter with my friends and not hear them sex talking about Chun-li, who is an awesome girl, or the other girls! Not everyone who plays a video game is a guy. I have an Nes, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, WiiU, Wii, Gameboy, Ds ,3ds, dsI, PS 2,3,4, and a xbox! Girls play video games too!

    Gabrielle Parmer, 13

  • Why not guys?

    Why not, creativity is stagnant anyway. We need some more varietyin game characters beyond the grizzled white dude trying to get revenge fora murdered girlfriend. They "do what fits best for the story" argument doesnt hold for me because most game stories arent thought out that deeply. They dont throw in a male character for artistry they do it by default

  • There are already more than enough.

    When thinking action/adventure games or movies, ladies are not the first to come in mind. Lara Croft was good. Aloy too. Uncharted Legacy...Hmm not so much. For a woman to kill,jump,parkouring,shoot and hit, is a little bit odd when comparing to Rico Rodriguez, Mad Max, Arno and Solid Snake. It looks kind of meh seeing female characters to have the physical abilities of a man. When the 90% of the gaming universe is been ruled by males ,why do we need more females?

  • No no no

    As a female gamer myself, although it's nice to have strong female protagonists like Lara Croft, I would certainly not expect it.
    Games are marketed towards male audience, and rightfully so as the majority of the gaming community is predominantly male.
    I play GTA 5 and would say roughly 20% of the players I find online (1/20) have female characters and even still they're probably a horny teen boy behind the screen.

  • Its forced and usually cringeworthy

    By female protagonists we usually mean butch women who act like men. In video games these "females" are presented to us as "soldiers", "warriors", "astronauts", i.e. typical male roles. Developers (who are mostly exclusively nerdy, skinny pr overweight beta males) usually go out of their way to portray said female heroes as equal or usually tougher than males (Tomb Raider, Mirrors Edge one coupe of many examples). The 110lb throwing 200lb armed trained men as though these are made of cardboard is not realistic. A girl pretending to be a man is not attractive and doesn't do women any favors. Girl gamers? How many are there really that play these kinds of games?
    Pushing more women as man-replacement in games is not going to get girls suddenly interested in fps for example. But it would deter some men from playing these. You are not letting the market decide what it wants, but rather pushing your ideology that "women are the same as men, just better".

  • Making female protagonists for the sake of making female protagonists is just making the problem worse.

    If we have game developers making female protagonists just because there aren't many female protagonists, then they will indirectly be supporting the stereotype by showing that, yes, female protagonists are a strange phenomenon.

    The only solution is to have people make female protagonists, not for the sake of making a female protagonist, but instead, make the protagonist a female for no real reason. Like portal for instance.

  • If There is a Market For It

    Video Game Developers are like any other businesses. They need to make money. It doesn't make sense to create something that doesn't generate enough interest and turn a profit. Before creating anything businesses will run a market analysis to find their target audience. The current characters seen in the video gaming industry are based on what sells best.

  • Consider the market

    I see a lot of arguments on the pro side that claim that there needs to be 'equality' in the gaming industry. That's not how it works, ladies and gentlemen. Video gaming always has, and probably always will be, a male dominated market. Players want to immerse themselves in the story and 'become' the protagonist. It's far easier to relate to someone of your own sex than of the opposite, so there is little to no demand for female protagonists.

    Were there a market for female protagonists, it might not be a bad idea to create a few more. But there isn't and in all probability, will never be since video gaming is a male space. It's similar to how commercials for pickup trucks and hunting gear have historically and always will feature men, because it is a male space.

  • Why this topic in the first place?

    It's completely ok to make female protagonists but there is a question left unanswered. Why do you want MORE? I mean, aren't there already females as protagonists? No one in the world pays attention to gender while gaming to the point where they say "you know what? Video games need more females in them."

  • You don't see monster trucks on the cover of Vogue

    So why should video games represent female interests if the video game industry is dominated by males? I'm not being sexist, I'm a female myself, but if you want more female centered games, then females need to either make more video games or play more video games. Don't expect males to accurately display female interests. Maddox made a great video on this very topic from which I get this argument.

  • They should make the character that fits best.

    They should make characters that best fit their story. If the character is best as a guy, they should make it a guy. If the best character for a story is a girl, than they should be a girl. They shouldn't take a character that works best as a guy, and turn them into a girl to appease the overly PC.

  • If there were a demand for more female protagonists, there would be more female protagonists.

    The reason I say no is not because I dislike female protagonists. The vast majority of gamers are male and it can be expected that a male would rather his virtual character also be a male, just as a female would rather her virtual character be a female, by and large, for the most part. To say that females are just sexualized by not being protagonists really doesn't hit the nail, women can be sexualized whether the protagonist or not, and if the protagonist, it is more effective. I find that when gender is forced into a character for the sake of gender itself, the character turns out to seem, well, forced. And nothing is worse than a forced character. I dislike female characters who seem to have all the personality traits and physical abilities of a man, but have boobs and a cute face, because...?

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