Should video game industries be held responsible for the violence they portray?

  • Video game industries should be held responsible for the violence they portray.

    There has been several connections between violent school shootings and video games which glorify violence. The victims of these incidents should be able to sue the video game makers who profit from sensational and unrealistic games. We should send a strong message to the media that this kind of violence will not be tolerated.

  • Entertainment is resposiable for violence

    I belive that lots of voilence comes from Entertainment these days, such as movies Video games as well. Some of the content thats in the Video games these involves lots of violence. For example the game Miami Vice which has features such as robbing people, shoot people, grand theft auto etc, and kids seems to have these influences on them.

  • Bad parents are the ones at fault

    Why buy your 12 year old grand theft auto? If they are below the age where molding/development stops (M games are rated 17 for a reason...Duh) why act so shocked when the kid has some behavior issues because you allowed him to play GTA or manhunt or call of duty if you allow the violence without monitoring them its your own fault

  • It's almost like gun violence.

    When get shot they don't blame the gun for the crime they blame the person. Also, there is no real way to officially stop this, people could always buy or get violent games and media illegally just like you can get guns illegally. In fact I personally have heard of, but never been to, websites were you can pay in order to have someone excited in a specific way. It doesn't matter how horrific these things are people will still do violent thing no matter what reasons or whatever consequences they might have to answer for.

  • Video games are blameless

    People are ultimately accountable for their own actions and responsibility in using products they consume. Simply taking part in a form of entertainment that depicts violence does not necessarily compel someone to commit the same acts that are depicted. Video game manufacturers should be held no more accountable than cell phone providers should be for traffic accidents resulting from texting while driving.

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