• Yes video games can be allowed

    Your mother was wrong. Video games aren't bad for you. They're actually making your life better.

    Despite hand-wringing over a supposed connection between violence and video games (hint: there isn't any), numerous academic studies indicate that playing video games has many psychological and even physical benefits.

    Taken together, it turns out video games actually make you a better human being.

    1. 'Mario' Is Like Steroids For Your Brain

  • Video games are very fun and can also be educational and build teamwork

    I am in school and it is proven to show that it could be a good thing for kids. They can play with there friends and can develope better hand eye cordination. Kids will have a fun way to learn and a much more fun way to hang out with friends

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  • Video games could tend to be very useful in school.

    There's many reasons on why games should be allowed. First it helps communication between children. It also helps being a good sport at games, due to the competition that may take place which should be taught in the early years. It puts common interest between students as well. By having common interests it will help make friends and allow more topics to talk about. Though I'm not saying the children should only talk about games. Games depending on what type allow creative imagination which is very important in the early years and could be very useful in the future. Minecraft is a great example of helping children become creative, the games allows you to make anything out of everything. Later in life people lose creativity which is sad. Games also help people with depression. There is so many reasons that games could be educational in school, you can't always look at the downsides.

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  • The Endless Possibilities

    Granted, not every video game belongs in school. But, games are starting to become a pretty strong art in its own rite, in the same vain as books or movies. Even beyond that, and the inherent value of the teachings of teamwork and coordination that games have, with the popularity of the Wii U title Super Mario Maker, it can actually be used as a means to fill a arts and technology requirement; perhaps an assignment of create at least on level to share with the class or something. That would be a great reason to show up for school!

  • Games can be genuinely educational

    Video games have two potential functions, in my opinion. Some are for entertainment purposes only (what my dad is convinced is a complete waste of time). These games, like halo, some say minecraft (though I personally disagree), destiny, skyrim, and the endless supply of internet games seem to tend to be popular. Some are for educational purposes. These are usually the 'boring' games that tend to be more rare. But I think the best kind include both these purposes. While there are others who claim that most every game made includes both, I believe that this isn't quite true. The games I would put in this category specifically both entertain and teach some skill that you will need in real life. This is where I'd put Minecraft. Not only does it entertain, but also teaches a life skill: survival. Another game I would add to this category is Kerbal Space Program. This game targets the nerds. It entertains in that it's cool to go to other planets, but it teaches orbital mechanics and astronavigation. Another way to make games cooler and more educational are mods, which I'm sure everyone knows. For example, Kerbal Space Program sponsors numerous crowd sourced mods, among which are many weapons mods and some that contain nuclear bombs. Other mods include realism overhauls that make the game harder, more realistic, and educational. I'm afraid that I don't know much about Minecraft mods, but I believe something similar is the case. One downside: Games like these that teach are usually huge time sucks, so I'm not sure how that will fit in with a school schedule.

  • Video games should be used in school

    Video games are’t bad for you. They're making your life better. Lots of numerous academic studies say that playing video games has many psychological and even physical benefits. Some of those benefits are improving your hand eye coordination, improving your vision, physical improvement and lots of other benefits. Video games also are more interactive than just listening and writing stuff down. The new generation is more addicted to video games so video games in education would be a good investment to schools throughout the world. When we have video games it helps kids work, play, watch you tube, and it will make school so much more fun and also make kids like school more. Video games should be allowed Because some help you learn stuff at school. It helps your concentration Yes games do get distracting, but games also are easier to understand. Think of it this way, which one is easier to learn from. Algebra or Pokémon. Of course Pokémon. In algebra, if you fail you fail, no second chances, but in Pokémon if you lose or fail you get to try again and use the knowledge that you acquired from your last battle to beat the trainer. Also in algebra you don't really take risks, because it could end in failure. So you stay safe. In Pokémon you take risks, because if it doesn't work then you know not to do that again in that situation. If children learn to code young, the skills will manifest and help them get highly technical jobs that are in high demand.

  • Video games in school???

    Video games should not be allowed in school because kids probably play with them under the desk while teachers are talking or teaching. The video games kids play are also not allowed in school because they should get up and be active instead of playing games because if someone's friends are playing video games then that will stop the friends from being active.

  • No they should not

    Kids don't need video games at school, they can play them at home. There is already too much that needs to happen at school that if video games were there as well there would not be time to get it all done.

    I am not saying there are not benefits to video games, but live without them for 6 hours a day.

  • In school? Um no, I don't think so.

    I cannot believe I am actually needing to say this, but no, school is filled with enough distractions and I support not allowing students to bring gaming into the classroom. For god's sake, why not focus on the little bit of learning while you're in class, put your social media and gaming away for 8 hours and actually learn something.

    That way, there may be hope that at least SOME American students aren't destined for a life of retail slavery, destitution and inability to pay for Furher Obama's "Affordable" healthcare.

  • Two words: More Work

    Yes, having video games at school can be more work. Children will have to worry about it just to be safe it doesn't get stolen. And teachers may have to change their whole lesson plan just because a website isn't working. Crazy right? Besides, you can live 8 hours without iPads or computer. There's always unlimited time to play video games at home right?

  • No way, video games can't be allowed.

    Video games will cause more work for teachers. What happens if the website they were planning to use was out of order? There goes your lesson for the day. And let's face it, video games are not the right way to teach. To much work for the teachers, and less education for students.

  • Video games should not be allowed at school

    It can be bad for your future because if you play too much hand-held video games, one day, you might need glasses to see the world around you, and the teacher could take it away from you and destroy your hand-held console. Also, you can ignore the world and that could be fatal for your life. One more thing, Your hand-held console could wind up to be either stolen or lost forever ( unless you can find it or get the thief ).

  • It is bad for people

    People state that video games make your brain addicted so you do not want to leave the game you are currently playing. It is bad for the human mind and you will forget what you are really supposed to be doing. Schoolwork will not be on their mind and they will be off task

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  • Yes we need something fun to do in school instead of doing work all do.

    The reason I say that is because when we do work we eventually get tired of doing it. We students ourselves get tired like parents to. Sometimes the games actually make us want to get back to work, because we get bored. Or we just get tired of playing it.

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