• Yes, health issues

    Obviously, you fatty fat fat fat americans, video games should be banned because you guys are get too fat. This is a health issue and it gives a lot of problems. You need to get off your lazy butts and do some exercise. Sure, people will riot and people will probably die, but whatever. At the end of the day, we should ban video games so that 'mericuh will do exercise and will be fit again. I rest my case.

  • Video games are the worst.

    Do you know how much trouble i've had from them? My family is doesn't play so much. But you should him he is totally addicted I can't stand it he completely ignores me. Okay call him he doesn't answer. Tap him on the back he ignores you. That is what happens to addicts.

  • The Government Can't Legally Ban Them.

    The U.S. Supreme Court Has Declared That Video Games (Including Violent Ones) Can't Be Banned, Because They're Protected As ART Under The First Amendment. Playing Video Games Have A Lot Of Benefits (Improved Vision, Memory, Multitasking Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Social Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Attention Span, Attention To Detail, Motor Skills, Driving Skills, & Mental Health. Video Games Can Make You Smarter. Gamers Are Less Likely To Bully Or Commit Any Acts Of Violence. It's Impossible For Any Inanimate Object To Commit A Crime (Only A Person Can Commit A Crime). Between 90% & 97 % Of Teens & Children Play Violent Video Games. Video Games Help To Release Negative Emotions. Video Games Help People With Mental Disorders (Like Autism, Depression Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, & ODD Just to Name A Few).
    There Is No Evidence Linking Video Games To Real Life Violence. If Violent Video Games Caused Actual Violence Then Every Gamer That Plays Violent Video Games Would Be In Prison By Now. Video Games & Other Inanimate Objects Can't Cause Anyone To Commit A Crime ( Only The Criminal Can Cause Themselves To Commit A Crime. Video Games Do Not Lead To Or Cause Real Life Violence). Video Games (Including Violent Video Games) Actually Decrease Real Life Violence. Some Violent Video Games Can Be Used As Educational Tools That Can Teach People In A Very Fun Way. Video Games & Other Inanimate Objects Are Not The Problem When It Comes To People Committing Crimes Or Terrorist Acts (If You Commit A Crime Or A Terrorist Act, Then You're To Blame. If You Commit A Crime, Or Terrorist Act An Inanimate Object, A Group, & Another Person Are
    Not To Blame It All Falls On You), You People That Think Video Games Lead To Real Life Violence Or Cause/Inspire People To Be Who
    They Are Then You Know Nothing About Video Games Or Gamers, & You're A Bunch Of Fucking Retards (The Same Things Goes For Any Of You People That Think Video Games Should Be Banned), I Have Been Playing Both Violent & Non-Violent Video Games Since I Was 5 Years Old (1997), & I Still Have Yet To Murder Or Harm Another Person In Any Way. The Problem Is Not Video Games Or Other Inanimate Objects The Problem Is The Person That Commits The Crime Or Violent Act Or The Parents That Didn't Raise Them Right.

    If Video Games Caused/Inspired People To Be Who They Are, To be Criminals, Or To be Terrorist Then All Video Gamers Would Follow The Footsteps Of What They Do Or See In A Video Game, Video Games Slow Mental Aging, Gamers Are Better With Instructions. 90% To 97% Of Minors Play Violent Video Games. Video Games Have Helped People With Dyslexia Become Better At Reading. Video Games Are Helping To Create Better Surgeons. Games Can Help You Get A Career Boost. Some Encourage People To Go Outside & Do Sports Or Exercise.

  • Video Games Shouldn't be banned!

    Video games are expensive. That may make them seem like they're just wastes of money, but they aren't! Video games entertain people who play them and some can even help you learn. For example, a game called Minecraft has an 'education edition'. This can be used in schools to help people teach. Also, it would hurt the economy to ban games.

  • Stupid argument and stupid topic

    Video games are just a hobby.
    Video games cause violence?
    Oh sure and the horror movies and the horror books and the medieval books kids read in schools about knights and monsters don’t. Let’s not forget kids learning about wars that were historic events?
    Causes laziness? So does television and everyone has a tv in there home watching the same show over and over again. But even that’s not the cause. The cause is that everyone wants to eat at mcdonalds.
    Rots their brain? Yeah like I said so does television, i’d Imagine at least half of the books would do the same because fiction stories aren’t “important”
    Addiction? Yep. Okay parents you got me there because you give your kids absolutely nothing else to do and when kids find something they really enjoy and spend so much time on it cause it’s so much fun it’s automatically considered an addiction. Seriously it’s like you take away the kids video games and then they spend time sitting in their room waiting to go back in the mental torture chamber at school. Only because parents have no idea what else to do with them other than go shopping (and who wants to do that?)
    Distracts kids from school? Fucking hell the kids aren’t doing bad in school because their distracted from video games. It’s because the education system is so boring you would have to be a complete robot to do well and “pay attention”
    Better things to do? Like what? Send your child to a playground and then he gets kidnapped? Or spend a bunch of time watching your kid play by himself at a playground or with a bunch of other kids your kid doesn’t even know.
    Seriously video games aren’t a problem!

  • Not in the slightest.

    It's pointless to ban videogames. What could you gain?
    Health? Oh please, you'll be longing in front of the TV instead.
    They cause violence? Stop giving pre-teens M rated games, ESRB exists for a damn good reason.
    They're a waste of time? Oh, do go on about how those stupid soaps on telly aren't.
    Fox News says so? Who the hell believes American news stations?
    It's all about responsibility. There's nothing wrong with a couple hours when you're bored.
    Playing whatever the kids find hip and fun today all day when you should be at work is stupid.

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  • Most popular video games are from the u.s.

    Games such as gta cod and half life are made in u.s. i could name more but the point is video games should be for everyone and there are games that use fitness such as wii playstation move and kinect also most games outside u.s. tends to get banned a lot

  • They shouldn't ban videogames!

    Video games are fun for most children but parents don't like them playing it because they get addicted. But you don't have to ban them. You could just lower their time on video games. You could just make them join conversations once in a wile. Kids play video games because you parents don't give them much attention or you don't treat them nicely and they feel so bad they go lock them selfs in a room with a TV and play video games so its the parents fault for doing that! Or they do it because time is changing and people like different things now. Its one thing that most parents don't understand, if children want to play video games, then they can play video games! We are America the 7th smartest country in the world and we don't need people like others telling us what we can and can't do! We have the freedom to do anything! Even if some people get carried away with things, doesn't mean you have to take it away from everyone! You know what? Why not just ban everything, because too much of everything is bad for you! (I'm being sarcastic. So everyone of the u.s.

  • Video game is good entertainment.

    Video games should not banned in USA. After all USA is one of the largest Video games consumers. Also USA designs most video games which supports lots of artist and engineers. It keeps stress away from kids, as well as it might be educational sometimes. We would rather have our kids play basketball on ps3 then to hang out with wrong crowd.

  • No, they are fun.

    No, video games should not be banned in the United States, because they are fun to play and a lot of people enjoy them. It should be up to adults to decide whether to play video games, and up to parents of children whether to let them play video games. There is nothing inherently wrong with video games. Everything in moderation.

  • No they should not

    Manny parents think that violent video games make kids violent well it's not true because has your kid watched tom and jerry it's all about a cat trying to kill or it it so don't be complaining that violent video games make kid violent and people should not bann violent video game

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