• Hell Freaking No

    Video games were once a passtime of mine; HOWEVER!!! My son played the video game "Call of Duty: Legend of Link" and then he came towards me and said "father, I am gay." I instinctively clenched my fist as my wife ran towards me and said "Harold, stop!" My veins squeezed and pulsated, they reverberated throughout the room, and I looked at my son and said,
    "Hi gay, I'm dad."

    And then I slapped him. Ain't no son of mine gonna be a dick-slinging panzee. My daughter maybe, and I'd be fine if anyone else I knew was gay; despite being a GOD-HONEST DAMN AND DAMNED Christian transgender man, I am very tolerant of people who make wrong decisions. However, my son is to continue my legacy; he will set to inherent my family fortune, and his son will inherent that fortune. Not his son though, I don't have that much money. Actually, in retrospect, if he doesn't have a child, he doesn't get a cent of my fortune. All of my grand-father's hard-earned money will be all mine for the taking. Huh.

    I think kids should be able to play video games.

  • Video Games are amazing.

    I love video games omg i cant they are awesome they let me deal with stuff in life and my illnesses i love it it is amazing pls dont ban video games if you ban video games there will be no will to live since video games are love and life

  • Oh hell no

    Video games create communities that couldn't exist otherwise. They forge friendships that wouldn't have ever existed. They can be a temporary escape from the sometimes unreasonably cruel world; they can save lives in that very way. They can brighten up a gloomy day. They can give people happiness in their otherwise depressing lives.

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  • Go videos games they are important for our life

    Well Video game may be a reason kid don't go outside but teachers in school use video games it depends on that type of game like there are killing games, Rage games, Learning game , Weird games, and Adult Games! So many ages use video games for different reasons! Parents use games to help children learn when they're homeschooled and adults and use some to test each other skills and stuff ((ran out of ideas ;-; )) Without video games it might be harder for people to homeschool kids when they have no money. So what video games may be taking over the kids brains just monitor over the kids game and choose which ones are good for them and which are bad!

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