• It makes kids be evil!

    As u might know if kids play violent games they will be very violent as they grow up. Just like some kids end up killing a family member because of such violence that their minds saw. Not even the PEGI corporation system stops kids from buying violent games. So that is why videogames should be censored

  • It makes kids be violent

    Videogames should be censored because even though the parents tell u what games u can buy, parents don't know what games are violent so they will let the kids buy what they want. As u might know if kids play violent games they will be very violent as they grow up. Just like some kids end up killing a family member because of such violence that their minds saw.

    Posted by: wc
  • Video games should be

    Because video games make kids violent and like talk nasty and think nasty kids who play games that have violence in them, the kids who play them turn out to be violent also think and talk nasty. Especially games like mortal combat and Gta5 ect.. Playing games with bad stuff in them is bad for kids

  • Kids will do the same!

    Video games should be censored because kids will see what happens and they will do the same thing! Also parents will not know if they should approve or if they shouldn't approve. Parents will not be able to judge the game by its cover because it could be violent without them knowing it!

  • Kids will do the same!

    Video games should be censored because kids will see what is happening and they will do the same. Plus parents will not know if they should approve or disapprove if the video games aren't censored. The way video games are censored should stay the same. It alwaays has been a good idea.

  • Doesn't cause violence in kids

    Video games are shown not to create violent kids but rather to draw violent kids to them. Therefore we should work on preventing kids from getting their hands on video games. Also, video games can help relieve the violence of violent kids. In a study, 42% of kids say video games help get the anger out.

  • The ratings doen't mean any thing to kids

    Take grand theft auto it's rated M when it should be AO because of contains explicit scenes of violence against women, sexuality, prolific use of profanity, and illegal drugs, murder, and cop killing which is the game's main story line and due to the fact that "m" is 17+ and "AO" is 18+

  • Not so much sensored as thorough explanation of what is in the game

    As it is true that it should be up to the parent to decide whether or not the child should be able to play a game or not, we shouldn't simply blot out content in a game but rather make the parent the censor. All too often I see young children with their parent buying a game that is M rated and the parent is completelly oblivious to its content so its not just a matter of blocking out whats in a game but rather informing people of what is in it.

  • The artists are entitled to express themselves.

    This is going to sound a bit weird, but bare with me: Gore is beautiful. It's a gritty way for the artists to make you feel the emotions intended for that story. Video games are art, and video game developers are artists. If they want to express their art through gore, they are 100% entitled to do so.

    Also, they don't cause real life violence. That is a huge lie that idiots believe.
    It has been PROVEN hundreds upon hundreds of times that violent video games LOWER violent tendencies. The only argument people against video games have is "because I said so." The news is lying to you. They're telling you what you want to hear to get good ratings. You're being used as a puppet by networks like fox. But worst of all, you're moving back technological and artistic advancements. If it weren't for video games, we wouldn't have VR for at least another 100 years. VR is helping train doctors and astronauts. Video games save lives every day. Why not just encourage them?
    Also, no matter what you say, video games aren't going anywhere. You can choose to be on the losing side, or you can accept that the world is changing.

  • Of course not

    Video games are an artistic medium. Once you introduce the censorship of art and culture next thing you know, you are picking Jack boots from between your teeth.

    Do you think that films should be censored? Books? Poems? Songs?
    Then why are games different?
    You are judging works not by their virtues as art, but by the name of the medium.

  • I am a gamer

    It lets me lose the distractions of the real world and this probably true for some other gamers. Some people play on youtube because they enjoy playing the game and making content for the community. But there are a lot of kids that play rated M games and are either 9-12, maybe going as low as 8 and I agree that they shouldn't play because they start to become more whiney than anything and when they don't get their way they start to scream which is really annoying. Also they start to pick up colorful language that they shouldn't be hearing until much, much later.

  • Video games should not be censored.

    Video games should not be censored. I think it is up to the parents and the individual to play or buy the game. If your child is too young to hear the language of the game, then the parent should wait until the child is older to buy that game.

  • Video Games Should Not Be Censored

    No, video games should not be censored. Video games are an art form, and thus are protected speech. To censor video games would be to challenge the freedom of speech of all forms of art. This already happens with book burnings, and to add video games to the list would just worsen the matter.

  • We already have ESRB (or the overseas equivalents)

    ESRB and the equivalents of it already rate the games we play and on the case of any video game it is required by law that ESRB print anything they believe noteworthy. And with some of the more shall we say controversial content in games also known as games with the rating of Mature or Adult need an ID to purchase.

  • "Kids will do the same"

    Young kids shouldn't be playing games above their age rating to begin with. There is plenty of violence, Sex and drugs in films but they are not held under the same scrutiny that video games are. Believe or not kids most kids aren't stupid enough to copy everything they see. Copy a move from WWE? Sure. MURDER someone? STEAL a car? Take DRUGS? Because they played a game for adults? Yea i don't think so.

  • Ruins the art

    If parents buy the games for the kids, Why ruin games for real gamers who want to be able to enjoy uncensored games. Their are no end of games I refuse to play as devs decide to ruin games just to fit for totalitarian countries and parents that just buy games for kids not aged correct for the game.

  • It is a choice to play a game of which contains graphic scenes.

    PEGI ratings are given to every game in the industry. By playing such games as MMA or GTA you have chosen to play a game which has historically been proven to give audience members graphic (violent) scenes. At the end of the day, It is always down to the person who purchased the video games decision to play or return.

  • Letting out Frustration

    When kids have the ability to let their anger out and do things illegal in a game without the consequences of real like, There is a beneficial effect. Kids can let out their emotions in a game without effecting others. It is good for kids, Under most circumstances, To play these video games.

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