• Video games should be completely protected under freedom of speech laws.

    Video games should be protected under First Amendment speech. There is an ample system in place to monitor the content of video games and rate them according to their maturity level. Any censorship of video games should not be allowed and groups encouraging such censorship are only going against the First Amendment.

  • Yes, I think video games should be protected under freedom of speech laws.

    In general I think video games are a form of art and all forms of art should be protected under the freedom of speech laws, I think it's a dangerous path we go down if we try to actively censor video games, we already have ratings boards then clearly mark the video game as age appropriate and everyone knows what they are getting.

  • I didn't no they were't

    Video games seem to be very controversial these days. I guess it has to do with all the school shootings and just how much kids play them. There are many games that cuss in their story line. Those games have a mature rating though. People need to understand video games tell a story, just like movies do. There should be no censorship on video games.

  • Yes, video games should be protected under the freedom of speech laws.

    Video games should definitely be protected under the freedom of speech laws. Video games are an expression of art. And just because they're a new medium, it shouldn't be excluded in regards to the freedom of speech laws in the United States of America. I think there is way too much censorship already in the arts.

  • Some censorship is needed.

    So many video games contain some degree of trolling on the part of the creators. The penalty for trolling or bullying your audience should be loss of artistic freedom. Artistic freedom can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be abused, And as such, It should be a privilege.

  • No they shouldn't

    No they shouldn't they need to only protect real speech such as writing, speaking, and lyrics to songs and what you state on the internet. A video game really has little to do with freedom of speech laws anyways. The fact that they are so violent anymore they are corrupting the children.

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