• Video games are totally an art form!

    I think though that most video game hours spent nowadays are of violent nature, and even though they have 3D models of guns and warfare things, that they aren't art because the players who play them exclusively play them to shoot at the opposition, and only use level design to take advantage of enemies.
    Two examples of very popular non-violent video games to refute "anonymous" 's claim would be Nintendo's Harvest Moon series (namely the non-Rune Factory ones) and Animal Crossing, of which the new game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf had came out within the past month. If you dislike violence there is plenty of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon games alone to keep you occupied for a long while.

  • Video games have great potential as an art form

    Yes. Games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, Portal 1 & 2, and Shadow of the Colossus in particular all display very interesting elements to them that are certainly worth naming them an art form. They use their interaction(s) with the player(s) to their advantage to make an insightful experience whether breaking the 4th wall or making connections between the player character and the player themselves. Not all video games are necessarily works of art, but the same certainly applies to other mediums of entertainment.

  • No doubt about it.

    I'm not going to say the definition of art, because giving art a definition defeats the purpose. But basically, art is someone doing something creative. How do video games not fit into that category? Let's look at the list here, shall we?

    - Heavy Rain
    A plot based game in which you enrich yourself into 4 different characters and play as them throughout a rich and very well thought out plot.
    - Limbo
    An artistically based black & white platformer that has much critical acclaim for it's dark environments, it's simplicity mixing with complexity, and it's emotional depth.
    - Saints Row the Third
    A completely over the top game in which a lot of imagination was certainly needed for it's wacky nature. If you think wackiness detracts from it being artistic, then go watch Fifth Element and tell me what you think.
    - Mass Effect
    A critically acclaimed science fiction trilogy that involves all the things needed for art. Great story, amazing characters, rich art style, and amazing worlds to explore. If you still think video games aren't art, then go buy the first Mass Effect game. If you still disagree with me after that, then you might want to sign yourself to a mental ward, because you're insane.

  • Art is merely a medium, therefore video games suffice.

    Art, in its various forms, have evolved as time has moved on. Primitive forms like writing and paintings have changed due to time and taken different forms. Writing turned into a script to a play, and the advent of photography was really a capturing of what many painters had done before. Music is another art form that has grown in complexity and changed in many ways over the years, and film is arguably one of the newest and most interesting forms of art medium to date.
    Now, to the point, art is evolving and art communicates something. Video games include writing, music, a little bit of film magic, and gameplay as a medium. Video games are most certainly art, if not the most evolved and well communicated yet.

  • Movies and books are art, why can't games be too?

    Games can bring alive fantastical worlds and entice emotions that can not be conveyed through any other art form. Games tell stories just as movies, theater and books do but are still called "childish" by the people that matter in today's society.

    Games like Bioshock infinite, The Metal Gear Solid series, Shadow of the colossus, Portal, Thomas was alone, Deus Ex, Minecraft, The Witcher, Mass Effect, L.A Noire, Max Payne (1-2, the third one was average.) and Telltale's "The Walking Dead" are few of the many examples.

    I mostly want people who think that games are the opposite, and are a threat to society to see this and see their point of view.

    Posted by: Givi
  • Video Games are considered an art--Definitely!

    Lets take a look at the definition of art: "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power (oxforddictionaries.Com)". In order to make those video games, you create a creative images/ stories for the human audience. Video games are a visual art!! Some games that are considered a great artwork is:
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Journey,
    Shadow of the Calossus,
    and (my favorite) Uncharted 4: A Thief's end.

  • Yes they are

    People say video games are not art but then they say movies and TV are there the same but video games are better sure movies and fun to watch but video games are like movies but give control to the player and offer more freedom and also half of video games are based on the movies people call art

  • Anyone who says no has never played a video game, and therefore, should stop talking

    It's unfair to write anything out as not being art, or not having the ability to be art. The same thing happened with movies, comic books, TV. And now, they're all considered to be very high forms of art. It's incredibly biased and unfair to write video games out as being mindless escapism.

  • At the Beginning

    Video games are created by art, every little texture that goes into a game is composed of some sort of art. The player models, the map, even the little details that most people overlook, are all are pieces of art. To create a video game, you need to create everything that goes into it, from little particles of dust, to highly detailed items.

  • Some video games should be considered an art form.

    Some video games should be considered an art form.They use the same kind of techniques that great works of art use and they just wouldn't be the same without the artistic elements that are used.Many of the video games can be considered miniature movies and great movies have been thought of as works of art for some time now.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Art forms, like books, movies, music, drama and visual arts broaden your horizons. Video games, however, do the opposite. Video games are detrimental to society. They teach kids bad things and show them that violence is okay and is fun. And yes, I know there are other games that aren't violent, but those games should not be considered art either. They're a source of entertainment, but art revolves around taste and culture. And video games have neither.

  • If video games are art...

    If video games are art, then who is the artist? There are independent designers pushing for consideration as an art form, but the important thing to realize is that no matter how great something looks, that is simply a product of design. What about the game is art? The most important question - who is the artist? Who is responsible for the work?

  • Video games are not High Art.

    Video games are in fact commercial art, a form of art yes. However it is not Art with a capital A. Art is something that is not subjected to limitations which video game developers put in place. For example having the idea to make a world out of bubble gum, it sounds artistic enough and even might even have a deeper meaning. Video game producers will not buy this concept because it alienates the gamers and they will lose potential buyers. True Art is open to interpretations while video games follow a certain set or rules and guidelines because it is a product for mass consumption. Art for the sake of Art is someone trying to capture an audience big or small to make a connection with people viewing, reading, or listening to the work of Art. Video games try to reach as many potential buyers as possible and don't mind being superficial to accomplish this.
    Also you don't hear people citing an Artistic video game created by some random person online. It is always the video game companies that gets mentioned. Gamers don't bother to go look for an Artistic game created by some random Joe online because they know high chances it will suck. However Art values the individual and believes the Artist is the Hero. Video games are more like Con-Artist than Artists. They use the vehicle of Art to capture the audience but never says they are creating something of High Art. So the con-Artist believing itself to be Art ends up being more believable then the real thing.

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Aenglaan says2013-07-06T01:15:26.913
Yes. Games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, Portal 1 & 2, and Shadow of the Colossus in particular all display very interesting elements to them that are certainly worth naming them an art form. They use their interaction(s) with the player(s) to their advantage to make an insightful experience whether breaking the 4th wall or making connections between the player character and the player themselves.