• Look, Lol, I know it is annoying. But. . .

    But, The fact that you're being limited and reprimanded means a lot in deeper level of understanding. What do I mean? When we say, Limitations and restrictions, What do they mean? They are evidently for the safety and welfare of the majority.

    Now, Let's apply it in our Parents limiting us from our precious Video Games. Why do they limit us from using Video Games? From our answer earlier, It is to keep us safe and well while we enjoy our Video Games. "How? " You might whine. Basically, Let's put it this way: everything that's "too much" or not limited is dangerous. And, Hey, Take not. It is not just Harmful, It is dangerous. And that's why Our Treasured Video Games must be limited by our, Also, Treasured Parents.

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

  • To Spend Time

    I have a brother who is constantly playing games on his computer, And is simply hard to pull off. The first thing that he does when he comes home from school, Is straight to the computer. I love him and want to spend time with him. But it's hard to do, I've even tried playing his games with him! But all of his games are all about guns and are just not my thing. It makes me sad, And I'm sure there are others struggling with the same thing one way or another. And the same thing goes with my Dad, My parents are divorced and whenever I go over to his house all he does is play his games on his computer or TV. And I don't get time to spend time with him. So either way it doesn't work and they need to be limited so they don't spend all their life on games and not the important things! Sorry, This was more of a personal connection rather than reasonable. But im sure others agree with me as well.

  • We should limit video game time

    We should because kids might not get good air and some video games might weaken their brain and they might make bad decisions in life so they might not be interested to learn new things. Studies have also proven that they might hurt or infect their eyes so they will need glasses or they will become blind.

  • Games should be limited by parents

    Games should be limited by parents because students who often play games often lacks at school or don't pay attention. This can cause your child to not succeed in school and get bad grades, If parents don't limit games, Their children can be at risk of failing school and activities. It also can make children not participate in sports and activities. But, If your child wants or likes to play games that are meant for educational learning, Than its perfectly okay because it can help them learn new things and also develop their thinking!

  • It’s annoying for kids

    It’s really annoying for kids because what if u are in a let’s say. . . FORTNITE game? What If u had about 30 solo kills and there was 2 people left in the match and it was a 1v1 that would be annoying if the parents took it away if u would win that’s why I think there should be no limit to video games and kids can limit their time they won’t be on it for 24/7

  • We aren't really focusing on the right thing here.

    The only reason video games could cause violent behavior is if the child doesn't understand the difference between video games and reality. Parents shouldn't limit everything. They should instead teach them empathy and the consequences of their actions because that's what really makes the difference. Teach kids how to use what they see in the media in a good way, Instead of just taking it away from them.

  • It’s not fair

    I get that you’re a parent and all but most of us kids just want to have fun and be like kids for as long as possible. I’m pretty sure our grades don’t always have something to do with our games that we enjoy playing. It’s just not fair for us.

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