• Video games should be more accepted

    Video games help people to have fun and to entertain themselves, not all of them contain violence and more than 75% of them don't make kids violent. In addition, I can say that racing games do actually increase my awareness to real life conditions while driving so saying they are not helpful is a complete lie. Games are a form of being social active while having team-mates or even class mates to talk to about them. They don't make most of the people less educated, only people that don't care about their future do so. Sadly, some people are wasting their time by telling people who are having fun that they are wasting their time, which is in my opinion not true at all. Most of the games are great for learning English, getting education (I understood more from them than in my actual school) and they teach people who want to succeed about competing in the good way and about what true dedication is. To conclude, believe it or not, video games are very helpful

  • It really should

    Video games are a source of entertainment, an immersive experience to many it is no wonder why video game culture has become bigger today. "But video games are harmful!" Addictiveness is dangerous not the video game. Parents should be in charge of their children regardless and if video games causes the kids to become violent the parents weren't responsible enough on choosing what game they play. Besides, video games have a rating system whether which age it is suited for which parents usually do not take notice and buy the violent games anyways.

    Video games are fun and educational. It can increase your mental skill in certain ways. But of course, too much is too much.

  • Hunting games better

    Well dangerous hunts was good two years ago on ps 3,Wouldn't dangerous hunts be good on ps 4 instead of crappy madden NFL games,sure,who knows,decide the bet maybe video games are better then sports games but hunting a lot better.Madden garbage anyways who care for it.Madden series is dead. Right

  • Vedio games are good

    Yes, i do think video games should be accepted more as it actually helps a lot-like, video games which include driving help you in driving it actually makes u feel more confident while driving in real life as you have already experienced it in in the video games.Keep playing it....

  • Video games are harmful.

    As children begin playing video games at a young age they become enveloped with them and can think of nothing else to do with their time. Here are some issues with playing too many video games:

    1. Less educated. My proof is the posts given by the 'yes' side.
    2. Children become obese and don't care about being active.
    3. Children don't understand social rules. The less active someone is within social circles the less they understand about social rules.
    4. Driving a car with a remote control does not assist in actually driving a real car. If this were the case then driving a remote controlled boat would teach you about sailing.

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