Should video games be used by all teachers in all schools?

Asked by: MeanGene_64
  • Yup For sure

    Video Games are interactive and fun.There re many educational games and some websites allow you for your teacher to ask questions and you answer them.The faster you do the more points you get.You compete with your whole class and the student found this interactive and fun.Also Minecraft is a fun game that may give the student a better opinion of the teacher.The student may even work harder and be excited for the new class which many teachers don't accomplish a happy class.And since many or all of the sudents love video games, it would be more beneficial towards the students anyways.

  • Of course it should!

    Many people think video games make kids lazy, sore-eyed and unhealthy. One, There are such things as motion controls, I lost 2 kilograms just for playing it for one day. Two, video games only make your eyes hurt if the only light in the room is the TV. Three There are many educational games out there that can be used to teach kids. Besides, even non-educational games improve kids' reaction time, depression and social troubles.

  • It would improve decision making and help with things they do in school.

    If teachers used video games in their lessons it would get more students involved in classes and make them want to come. Maybe once s month in class if everybody's work is up to date and handed in the entire class gets to play a fun video game that doesn't have to be educational.

  • Video Games Ruin Focus

    If teachers decide to use video games in class, it promotes far too many distractions. Children, especially in younger grades, will have far greater focus upon the entertainment of the video game, rather then the potential educational attempts. Video games have been scientifically proven to promote hand eye-coordination, but has not shown to help students learn typical things from a school setting. Adding video games as part if the school day will decrease the focus of students, placing their mind on entertainment rather then education.

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