Should video games in which the players participate in illegal acts be banned?

  • These video games are teaching young people that it is perfectly acceptable to break the law and show disrespect for the law.

    As if we don't have enough problems with crime and lawbreakers in this country, do we really need to have entertainment venues aimed at children, teaching and showing them that it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraging them to engage in acts which are forbidden? Younger children are highly susceptible to what they see in the media, and video games are part of the media. They don't need to be shown that you can get ahead, if you break the law.

    Posted by: SteinCor
  • Since it is mostly kids who play video games, illegal acts should be kept out of them.

    Illegal acts in video games set a very poor example for kids, and sends
    the message to them that it is somewhat acceptable or even cool. Kids have
    enough lessons to learn growing up, and they should not be given more corrupt
    suggestions in the recreational video games they play.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Video games with illegal acts happening with the players should be banned because it can influence people to become involved in those activities.

    Monkey see, monkey do. Simple enough, if people are doing illegal things for fake in a game, who's to say that they won't want to try it for real. It is not a great idea to be giving people such negative influence.

    Posted by: AllenF
  • I agree that the video games in which players participate in illegal acts should be banned because it hampers their various parts of their body and makes them addict to the various video games.

    Yes, I agree that video games in which the players participate in illegal acts should be banned. Although it may be virtual or video game, the players tend to carry the same impression in their daily and social life. This may indulge them into some illegal activities exactly what is shown in the video game, so I feel illegal acts should be banned.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • I agree that video games in which players participate in illegal acts should be banned because it normalizes these illegal acts.

    I do not believe that these types of video games are entirely responsible for anyone partaking in real life illegal acts, but I do believe that we should not allow people to virtually take part because it makes illegal acts and crimes more normal.

    Depicting these types of acts in games reduces the overall shock value, and as a society, we need to maintain shock value to instill just how unacceptable it is for any person to partake in such acts or crimes in real life.

    Posted by: MentM4j3r3
  • But y tho

    Think about it, how would a child get a violent game? Through the parents. Gamestop will reject children from purchasing M rated games. It is up to the parent. If you bought a violent game for your kid, and your child became violent, it is completely your fault. Maybe you should have thought about that before you bought you pre-pubescent child GTAV.

  • It makes no sense to do this.

    Games should not be banned.
    The parents that let their children participate in these games should be banned.
    If the parents are so angry over company making these games, then TV shows should be banned too.
    Radio Stations talking about sex should be banned.
    Having a TV show about murdering people or a science teacher manufacturing meth is just as bad as a video game.
    That little kid the other day that shot and killed his grandma thinking it was a game, it isn't GTA's fault. It's the parents fault for many reasons.
    1. Letting a 6 yr old kid play a M rated game.
    2. Keeping your gun out in the open.
    3. Being dumb.


  • its fun

    I like playing video games especially CoD and GTA. I know when it is illigal and I know when its wrong. If the government is to ban video games for minors, at least make it 12 and under because people over 12 know what is right and what is wrong.

  • All acts are the participants fault.

    To ban games that contain illegal content would be pointless. If a person can seriously blame a game for their actions then they aren't mentally stable. The problem stems from the person themself not the game in question. They should not commit the crime just because it happens in a video game. That is idiocy.

  • All actions in the real world are the responsibility of the individual who does them, not the video game's.

    There are many video games out there and, yes, some are not suitable for younger players. Again, this issue stems all the way back to the parents. This is up to the adult in the player's life. I don't think they should ban the games, because video games are just that: games. If you saw a movie that had illegal activity, and then went out and did it, can you just blame the movie and not pay the consequences? I think not.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • Video games should not be banned for portraying illegal acts, because it infringes upon freedom of speech.

    To ban video games in which players conduct fictitious illegal acts is censorship, plain and simple. Perhaps it is not the best idea for wayward youth to be influenced by such fictitious things, but it does not make it acceptable to ban them. It goes against the constitutional right of freedom of speech.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Video games in which players participate in illegal acts should not be banned, as doing so would be a violation of freedom of speech and expression.

    Banning video games in which players participate in illegal acts would be a violation or freedom of speech and a major form of censorship. If such censorship were to take place in video games, then it would open the door to ban characters from committing illegal acts in film and literature, as well. Such hefty censorship would do more harm to society than violent video games.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Are you 23% serious?

    So you all think games with illegal acts should be banned? Why? If someone acts on what they see in a game and they know its illegal, then their just retarded. And for you to actually want to allow the government to be able to take away more of our rights than they already have then you to are retarded. Go with Christ, Smoke that herb, and rebel against your power hungry government. They should fear us, not the other way around. Peace.

  • Video games are media, and should not be able to be banned due to our first amendment rights.

    While one may find the material offensive, or harmful, it should not be illegal. We have free will, which allows us to make decisions on whether or not to act on what we see. Most people play these games with no desire to be violent, and even if they do, the video game is not the cause. Playing the video game itself is not illegal, and therefore can't be banned.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Video games in which players participate in illegal acts should not be banned because this would infringe on our right to free speech.

    Video games, movies, books, blogs, paintings, rap music--all are forms of "artistic" expression.

    Artistic expressions have long been included in the "free speech" we are guaranteed under our Constitution.

    We may not like the content of a video game or of certain movies or what is written in a blog. But "we will defend to the death" their right to create that video game, film that movie and write that blog. That is who we are. We innovate. We create. We communicate in so many ways for many different reasons.

    We should consider two other factors in our consideration of these video games.

    These games are marketed to children. We can not ban the video games on this basis. Some drinks containing alcohol and some candy-like cigarettes are also marketed to children. We don't ban cigarettes or alcohol. Parental control must take over here.

    If these videos are created in such a way that the illegal acts constitute "hate crimes," then they should be banned and the creators prosecuted.

    Otherwise we have no more right to ban these videos than we do to tear down the Picasso statue in Chicago...we may not like it, but it's still protected under free speech.

    Posted by: CI3Iike

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