Should video surveillance be mandatory in all public places for the purpose of detecting illegal activity?

Asked by: missymaymaddie
  • Put Them Everywhere!

    All public places should have extensive surveillance including outdoors. I do not care too much about privacy as long as I can have it my home that is enough for me. Expecting privacy in public places is ridiculous to begin with. You obviously do not understand the word "public" if you do. Personally, I wouldn't care if they started to put surveillance in restrooms (as long as it is government access only). Public streets should have surveillance, large malls (to include government surveillance), parking lots and so on. In a large, high-crime city I want the government watching me constantly until I get home! I have nothing to hide from the government so I really don't care if I'm watched. I don't fear law enforcement because I never break the law.

  • I would feel safer

    If they had it in even more places then that! They need to have it it all places! I don't care if im "spied" on. If it keeps me and others safe from another Boston bombing, then so be it. They can set them up in any place they want.

  • Be it resolved that video surveillance in all public places should be mandatory

    Since it will be easier with video surveillance to record the illegal activity than depending on an eye witness that could forget some important details. I know people would be concerned about privacy, but if it's not like they are invading your home. It might be strange knowing that you are always being watched in public, but it would make you feel safer knowing that people are watching just to protect you.

  • That is dumb

    We shouldn't be watched wherever we go and then government people could just like creep on random people and thats a violation of privacy so it is therefore dumb. Yes. Mum. I need some more words so yeah ok yah sure yah ok hey hi how are you ok sounds good

  • That is not liberty. That is fear. That is tyranny.

    The government should not monitor us 24/7 and control us like zombies. It's criminal what they're doing. With PRISM, domestic wiretapping, all of it. It's an affront to liberty and what our forefathers originally intended at the inception of our nation. They'll market it as anti-terrorist, but a great man once said that tyranny will come to America under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy, That man was James Madison.

  • Certainty of punishment avoid crimes, not surveillance

    Despite the fact that a surveillance network would be impracticable due to huge size of streets and roads network, that would not decrease illegal activity by itself. I am even inclined to believe that such policy without educational investment and easing punishment feeling among population could stimulate other illegal activities like extortion, kidnaps and others.

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