Should video surveillance cameras in public places be banned?

  • Public Surveillance is wrong!

    Public Surveillance destroys the purpose of privacy for the public people. I mean, I don't want to have a camera pointed at me every time I go out into the public. Would YOU? I mean, it's technically stalking, which is not right at all. Clearly, it should be banned. Who's with me?

  • It invades privacy.

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would you feel if you knew somebody was watching you get dressed or go to the bathroom. I know I wouldn't feel good. Cameras are creepy. The opposition would say it helps to fight crime. Yes, it does, but there are other ways of doing that that don't involve spying on people and invading their privacy.

  • Right to privacy

    The 4th amendment of United states of America protects individuals right to privacy. The law in acts as a protection upon its citizens, it is a protection to be essentially, left alone. Public surveillance clearly infringe on people's right to privacy; in George Orwell's 1984, government collects massive amount of information and acts as a "big brother" like entity taking control over people's everyday life. I am not saying we are a totalitarian state, but public surveillance breaches the right to privacy and lead us one step closer to becoming a totalitarian country. Government can still sufficiently track down criminals by tracing their calls on targeted surveillance for example use police force to track them down.

  • Video surveillance is invading.

    How would you like it if you are using the bathroom and someone watching you? I definitely wouldn't! I would hate it to be having a feeling like someone is watching me while getting dressed or using the bathroom. Yes I know that it helps fight crime. They also cause lots of harm!

  • Video surveillance is an effective deterrent to crime.

    In countries, such as Korea, in which video surveillance in public places is standard, the crime rate is very low. Signs all over the streets remind citizens that they are being filmed. This would suggest that public video surveillance is an effective deterrent to crime. Additionally, public video surveillance is an effective crime solving tool.

  • Video surveillance cameras help fight crime.

    Video surveillance cameras in public places help to fight crime and catch criminals. It gives evidence that would be hard to come by otherwise when trying to investigate wrongdoings. An example of this is the use of public cameras to identify the people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings and track them down.

  • Private companies and citizens should still have the right for cameras

    Although I am strongly supportive of removing government surveillance cameras from public places, I would not ban the cameras for use by private businesses. (For example, having a camera overlooking their storefront, which is technically public) However, all traffic cameras and closed circuit camera use by the government should immediately cease, and I would be for the banning of those type of cameras.

  • Video surveillance is needed in public places.

    In a perfect world, video surveillance would not be needed in public places. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. There are many dishonest people on this earth who are seeking to hurt others, steal from others, or damage others' property. Video surveillance is needed to curtail these types of activities. When these things do happen, video surveillance is needed to identify the person who did these things and bring them to justice.

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