• Yes, they should.

    What people of this nation need to realize is that we need to protect our kids from things that harm them. One such thing we need to watch out for are violent video games. These have no business being exposed to our kids, and should be banned in a safe way.

  • Not in an abrupt way, but progressively decreasing their tolerance.

    Video games are probably the bane of most parents, who would concur that they are perhaps the most distracting and intrusive aspect of an adolescent's childhood. If we systematically remove these video games, then children will become more open minded to try new things, and explore what is unrestricted, and unbounded by the realm of electronics.

  • Disrupting freedom of speech is never safe

    I don't see how video games should be treated any differently than books. They're both an interactive experience that may contain sensitive, and possibly even objectionable, material. But banning books would be an unthinkable thought for most modern Americans. I think we need to realize that video games require the artistic and technological efforts of, oftentimes, hundreds of people and are a collaborative art form. Like movies, we have a video game rating system. I think parents need to assume more responsibility and pay attention to what games they buy for their children.

  • There is no safe way to ban them.

    There is no safe way to ban them. If you want to ban them to protect the children, then we need to ban television, the Internet, books, several chapters within the texts of some of the world's major religions, and movies based on the same principle.

    You do not have the right to infringe upon the rights of others to enjoy mature content simply because you do not have enough control over your children. Objectionable video games are clearly marked in the same manner that movies are marked. It is up to you as the parent to know what is okay for your child and, if they get hold of such things anyway, to take the time to step up and make sure that they know the difference between fiction and reality.

    I am sorry to be so blunt here, but I am tired of basic rights being curtailed just because people can't bring themselves to be responsible parents.

  • We Shouldn't Ban Games

    We do not need to ban video games. I think video games and the entire industry is being used as a scapegoat for people's problems and the people making the accusation couldn't be more wrong. People should be able to play games whenever and wherever they chose to do so.

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