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  • Videos Should Be Censored!!!

    I think it would be best to have videos like the anime or any other videos have a Censored version for kids below the age of 16, because they don't need to see that kind of stuff when they are still young. They should just have the censored version's of the videos because it makes the kids less curious and then there parents won't be wondering why they are asking these questions. It also doesn't make the kids have perverted minds when they get older. This is why there should be a censored version's of the video's.

  • Parents should be responsible for what their children see.

    They shouldn't blame others for their children seeing certain things. They are the parents, shouldn't they be the ones controlling what their children see anyways? Not only that but shouldn't they raise their child to be informed on these things that they believe are too inappropriate? If that was me I'd tell them at least a little so that they wouldn't search for it on their own and possibly be traumatized by whatever they're looking at.
    Censorship makes children MORE curious to look it up, just like banning something makes people go after it in illegal ways. It doesn't work properly and I'd say the parents are the only ones to blame. They messed up, so they can't act outraged by whomever made it.

  • No because parents should monitor what kids watch

    I believe censorship is stupid. Like religion it opposes humanity and threatens individual liberties. Censored CDs at Walmart are a good example of corporate insanity. Walmart carries cleaned versions of explicit hip hop and heavy metal albums where the profanity has been bleeped out. That is not right for adult buyers. Yes parents should monitor kids' media choices not governments or corporations.

  • If the show is bad enough to be censored, children should not be watching it.

    Children need to be taught right. They need to be taught about life and current issues, although, if a show needs to be censored, children (any child 13 and under) should not be able to watch. I think it is better the people stick to ahows they are old enough to watch and fully understand, while not have to worry about that "my parents let me watch that?!" Thought later in life.

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