• Nice for my family and my cat

    It's easy and fun because it is?
    I mean it helped me and my sisters to catch up to our class. They also helped my cat learn advance math and ELA. Her next step is to conquer the world after learning social studies and science so she can find a good place to begin her recruitment for other cats to help her finish her cat-omic bomb so she can dominate earth and kill all dogs. She has my family (and dog) held captive currently. Please send help.

  • Video Games Could Be Useful In The Real World

    Games like Wii sports or Pac-Man can raise a student's confidence and belief in their self,also, I think that all students should play video games because Wii sports and other school appropriate games could teach,and be helpful to people in the real world.Video games have helped me with succeeding in life!

  • Yes to games

    Some games are useful some are not useful like tf2 and cod gta are not useful basicly kids should use apropiate games like civilization V or minecraft to work together government use world of warcraft to test economy situations and see wich one work the best and use them in real life

  • Should video games be in class

    Some video games have education in it and some don't have and my opinion is we should because students need to have free time a little bit some video games have a unit about what they are doing like creating stuff. And some have like shape and some building houses

  • If a game is educational, it can be a good learning tool.

    Educational and even puzzle games can be stimulating tools for a learning environment. Since they make use of sight, sound, and touch simultaneously, they are also a good resource for different types of learners. Video game material in the classroom, however, should be restricted to those that can be justified as learning tools. Violent or adult themed video games should never be permitted in the classroom.

  • Video Games are a Fun Learning Method

    Educational video games date back to Oregon Trail on the old Apple 2e's that were in schools in the late 80's-early 90's. Video games are engaging and fun for students, and when properly programmed can teach as much as any other learning method. By offering educational video games, schools can keep students' interest and improve overall learning and retention.

  • Noooooooooo! They are bad for learning

    Kids will quickly get addicted and start playing it during class Interrupting they're actual time to learn. The kids wouldn't even be playing it for the knowledge they would be playing it to play a video game. Also creative games also get very addictive, at home as well. Kids need to do homework after school and this is still interrupting it.

  • Students Don't need games during school

    Students Should Not because they need to pay attention in Class learning to survive in the world because technology will just get bigger and bigger updates and they will need to know math sure that technology and games will be there when they get home and they will have more time to play I don't care if they like to play video games during the school day they need to pay attention in class they need education

  • No, video games should not be used in class, except on rare occasions.

    Some video games can be educational, like quiz games (Jeopardy-style games). But, in general, video games--even if educational--could distract from old-fashioned teaching, and increase students' inability to concentrate on the average school lecture. Anything extra used for educational purposes, from videos to video games, should be used at a minimum, with traditional teaching used primarily. Students have a difficult time concentrating due to their exposure to so much media, and they need to be encouraged to concentrate and learn the old-fashioned way.

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