• Video Games Cause Violence

    Growing up, you have always wanted to be like someone, and imitate them, playing violent video games makes you want to imitate that. By playing violent video games you want to imitate and go kill or hurt somebody. If you play nice video games, you will tend to be nicer.

  • Games are not bad

    Most violent games aren't bad, they can actually help people. If you play a violent video game, you are able to try out something like being a different gender, or changing your ethics. You do this all without a consequence. It will make it so you don't wan't to do that in real life.

  • I would not support banning of violent video games.

    I would not at all support banning of violent video games.
    Viollent video games help people control anger. All of us might have a fight with someone every day or the other. Many of us are very short tempered and take a long time cooling down. In such situations video games help us burst out our anger on the characters in the game. Once we spit out all our anger, we will be feeling better ane more relaxed than ever. Many criminals can take the help of these video games and stop killing innocent people on the streets. In both ways these video games help us burst out all our anger and help us be calm most time.

  • LOLZ I like this

    Everyone is at %100 on not banning them. Banning violent video games is like banning Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. So ya. They should stay until they make virtual reality versions. That's when stuff gets scary and violent. So ya. Hope you enjoyed this wonderful idea and opinion from me. Lol

  • No, violent video games aren't the cause of real life violence. Bad parenting is.

    Real violence has been around forever, video games are (on the grand scheme of things) new. When a parent buys their kid a video game with an M rating, well the kid is going to witness violent gameplay. This is not the developers fault. It's your fault for thinking a game titled "Manhunt 2" with a guy and a chainsaw on the cover was an appropriate gift for your 12 year old niece.

    Better example: If a couple let their kid watch American Psycho, and int he months following the kid had nightmares, it's not American Psychos fault. It's the parents fault.

    I'm not saying video games have a direct connection to violence. Violent people just tend to play violent video games, because they're prone to violence. Every violent person will probably play Call of Duty, but not everyone who plays Call of Duty will be a violent person.

    And if you are going to argue video games and kids being violent are in fact connected, then remember it's not the companies fault. Parents should practice common f***ing sense and not buy a game featuring an M rating for gore and nudity for their kindergartener kid.

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