• If they do it once they'll do it again.

    My pit bull seemingly snapped without being provoked and bit me in the face. No previous owner, no abuse, no illness, no instigating whatsoever. Just snapped. She has had proper training and everything. I want to have her euthanized, no questions about it. When a dog becomes violent there is no justification to keeping that animal around you or adopting it out to their next victim because they WILL do it again. Point blank. It wouldn't be a question to kill a bear if being attacked, or any other predatory animal for that matter. Should be no different with dogs that show violent behavior to people. People who say don't euthanize violent animals have never been attacked by one.

  • Yes, so long as the victim was not provoking the dog or trespassing

    Dogs are not humans, nor are they capable of higher thought processes associated with intelligent species, and their lives are therefore not worth as much as a humans. If dogs prove violent, they should be euthanized, given that they were not provoked, in the case that they were fighting back against, say, a group of teenagers torturing them, or bit someone who trespassed on their property, as many dogs are trained to do by their owners.

  • No Love For Biting Dogs

    I do believe violent dogs should be euthanized if they bite a human being unprovoked. Of course, in order to uphold this, there should be evidence that the bite occurred without any provocation from the human. While I have a pit bull and she is a part of the family, if she ever bit any of us, she would be out the door.

  • Yes, violent dogs need to be euthanized if they bite a human.

    Yes, I agree that any violent dog that bites a human being should be euthanized. The key word here is "violent". If a dog has been shown to have a history of violence, or the attack on the human was particularly violent, then euthanasia must follow. If there is any chance that the dog was deliberately antagonized by the person that was bitten, then euthanasia must not be an option.

  • Yes, but it's an "it depends" kind of situation

    Violent dogs should be euthanized, but only if other factors are present: the biting was particularly vicious, resulting in a life-changing injury and maybe even the death of the victim; the dog tends to have a history of increasing aggressiveness in general, with no signs of slowing down; the dog has not responded to training in the past to curb its behavior; the dog tends to come from a breed that is known for aggressiveness.

  • A serious threat

    Yes, I do think that violent dogs should be killed if they bite a human, because if they do it once, then they will do it again. I have been around a lot of dogs, and most will not go attack a human, but those that do will do it again.

  • Kill them even for "provoked" attacks. And let the owner pay.

    It is never acceptable that a dog bites a human, Or even another dog. By biting, It has shown that it is willing and capable of using violence. "Provocation" is not an excuse, Because even if provoked, A dog must not attack. What if it feels provoked mistakenly next time? Furthermore, In order to force owners to think about dog training, Choosing a good-tempered dog, And properly using leashes and muzzles, An owner of an attacking dog should have to pay a massive compensation to the victim.

  • Sad to say the answer is YES

    The risk can be too great to support keeping them alive. There are not enough people to take them all in provide for them properly if they are a risk of being a loose cannon it is the kindest thing to to for everyone involved. Study up on Pit Bulls and their history. These dogs are not normal pet dogs. They are Bull management tools that have been bastardized. Humans suck

  • Dangerous to Children

    We have had two people mauled by dogs this week in our community. One girl is in fair condition, And another child required extensive stitches. I agree that owners are responsible for their pets, And I would strongly recommend criminal penalties for owners. However, Other than extreme cases where a dog was physically harmed by the victim, These dogs that inflict serious injuries need to be put down. If well-treated by owners, Most dogs are domesticated animals who no longer have a strong predatory instinct. Most tolerate children well, And if they bite, It would not be more than a nip. When dogs maul a victim, Something has gone horribly wrong, And the animal poses a risk. Although I appreciate that people believe their pets are a member of the family, I do value human life. I think that it is ironic that we have such sympathy for dogs, But we forget the short, Often torturous lives endured by many farm animals. I am not suggesting that we kill dogs for a simple, Quick bite, Although such animals require more training and monitoring. However, We should euthanize dogs that have engaged in an attack. People on this forum commented that people in prison for assault are not executed, And I guess another way of handling this would be dog prisons--but I am not sure about the ability to create a new form of government and additional taxes for long-term incarceration of dangerous pets.

  • No, but they need special ownership.

    For every dog that bites, you can trace it back to a human at fault. Sometimes specifically taught to do so, but too often the result of abuse. And quite often, the person bitten provoked it themselves, and the dog defending itself. Unlike humans, dogs can go to therapy and reason all of this out. They simply react. It's not fair to punish them what what was caused by humans, and for they don't even understand that they did wrong. But once a dog does bite, it does from then on need to be with someone who has the patience and knowledge to work with the dog. No children, or other pets.

  • Do humans get put down on a first offense?

    So we train and breed them to basically serve us their whole life. Then when they bite someone the first time we as a society want to kill them. I am not saying we should let them run around hurting people. But better training by the owners or less mistreatment might help with the biting in the first place.

  • Why? What if they are yours

    What if they are your dogs guys!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is bad because if they were your dogs, you'd say to keep him alive, but other dogs......If they do something, you people think they are a devil in a dogs body. These dogs have a family, a home, food for god sakes and we have the right to kill them for one little incident????

  • No, dogs shouldn't be killed for biting.

    We have to keep in mind that dogs are hard wired to bite and hunt a lot of times. If a dog is constantly violent and has bitten someone badly for no reason, then put them down. But, in the majority of cases, the dog deserve to live after a mistake. Should someone be killed for throwing a punch?

  • Many dog breeds were bred to fight

    And to kill. Up until the industrial revolution, Dogs were bred to fight, Scare and kill. The dogs have instincts that fade away, And those instincts fade with every generation. If a human was bitten by a dog once, Just once, The human has a teaching moment. Do toddlers get killed for biting people? I thought humanity was better than this.

  • They should not

    Because we are all living things and deserve respect. I love my dogs and would never ever do that to my dog. I love my dogs so so much. Plz respect them as I do to my dogs. They we here on earth before us. That is why I disagree

  • It’s systematic in nature.

    The idea that a biting dog should get put down is wrong in the sense that majority of the time it’s so called violent breeds of dogs you see on the firing line and it’s due to the stigma surrounding them. They are bought by tough guys trying to look tougher or for dog fights and usually aren’t looked after properly, So when they’re put down it simply fuels the surrounding stigma when the situations the attacks occur in the usually due to the owner or the dogs past so instead of punishing the dog there should be repercussions for the owners and more should be done to stop dog fights and rehabilitate those dogs

  • No! This is wrong

    Many animals each year are being killed, 150 animals are killed EACH DAY on land that comes to 56 billion animals each year. Should that be a crime? If a vicious dog hurts or causes physical behavior towards a human, IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL! As many animals are killed each day and are treated poorly, Kept in small cages, Hung to death and being slaughtered for our food. Why if a human is hurt so different if an animal is hurt. I know we all should show sympathy for a human being hurt but why to kill a dog instead of getting it treated or in care, NOT PHYSICAL HARM!

  • Dogs should not have to euthanized for biting a human

    A dog should not have to be euthanized for biting a human because they could have came from a very abusive home, Other dogs could have been protecting their family especially if it was former military, And there are dogs that are in the military that they are trained to protect and serve their family, Community, And their country.

  • Because their lives matter too.

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