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  • Age ratings exist for a reason

    It has been determined countless times that violent video games don't cause violence in children or adults. Personally, I find violent video games to be good stress relievers. Even if people are worried about children playing violent video games, We have age restrictions for a reason. In Australia, We have MA15+ and R18+ games that prohibit people under the required age to purchase such games. Many current day systems also have parental lock features for parents worried that the children might download or buy them without telling their parents. If parents are responsible, Then this won't be an issue.
    Another point is that many people who are against violent video games forget about any other kind of worth a video game may have. Take Minecraft, Which (surprisingly) does cause some controversy due to supposed violence. Aside from this being pretty idiotic and exaggerated, It forgets the other aspects in this game that can help with many parts of growing as a person. Most notably, Multiplayer features allow for team-building and social skills to be developed. Building and creative mode allow for people to express their artistic and creative skills. Modding and datapacks allow people to learn fundamentals of programming, Which is a very important skill in today's age. So by classifying a game as just violent, You miss out on everything else that could improve one's life.

  • Banning video games deemed violent is not only unwarranted, It is a violation of The First Amendment

    Studies have shown no conclusive evidence that violent video games lead to lethal, Real-world violence. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, Which extends to works of art, Film and video games. There is concern that these games may get into the hands of minors. These games have M ratings on the front cover, Blatantly stating it is for 17 and older. It is the parent's responsibility to keep their child from being exposed to mature games. Games should not be banned for a parent's negligence.

  • It's useful and neccessary

    Violent games help children and maybe adults learn social skills like use first ad kit, Use knifes, Guns, How to survive, . . . Many violent games reapear the history. Thought that, Players respect history, They research more about it. Some games manipulate tactic element, It's boost players think and deductive. In violent games, Enemy can attack anytime and we should observe, That's mean players need to practice observation skills, They can better at this. Inconclusion, Violent games is useful.

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