• Murder is not okay

    If a 16 year old kid murders their parents, is it okay to let them go? The answer is no. Even if the child is 3, they shouldn't get away with it. Timeout isn't good enough. You think that's cruel or unfair? Blame the parents. Honestly, it's really sad that this needs to happen, but it sets an example. Also, if a 3 year old got away with a violent felony, they will grow up to be a violent and demented person. They will probably end up going back to prison as an adult. It would have been easier and less expensive to take care of the problem in the first place.

  • It is a simple yes

    Simply as if they do the crime they should do the time. If the want to act grown treat them like an adult. If they would stick to their education and stay off the streets then they wouldn't have problems about getting caught and going to jail for something they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

  • Kids should' t act so mental and like retards.

    Life is precious and we only live once. But to our own discretion.I'm an 11 year old sweetheart in Salem, Ohio. I would never be a retard like a cold blooded serial friggin' killer. I act intimidating, but I just ain't. So, people should make good choices. Even though we are all pesky living aliens (humans). Hahaha Not a funny subject, but some people just are not meant to be on this Earth for heinous crimes. It's not worth it. It ain't worth a dipstick(crap).

  • Yes I strongly agree they should!

    Yes, I think they should be tried as adults because: They know what is right and wrong don't let them fool you, if juveniles want to commit adult crimes they should go to adult jails or prisons, Juveniles think they can get away with more things because just being sent to Juvenile Hall doesn't teach them anything.

  • I think that violent juveniles should be tried as adults

    I think that violent juveniles should be tried as adults because if they are being tried under a juvenile system, then they are not seing it as a second chance, but more as an excuse to comit more violent crimes. If these violent juveniles go to an adult prison, then they would see the weight of their crime that they have commited, and hopefully change their attitude. Going to an adult prison also shows them that there are consequences to the crimes they are committing

  • Yes everybody should be brought to justice.

    Juvenile offenders should be tried as adults because they need to be punished for their crime no matter how old they are. I also think that everybody has to take responsibility for their actions weather if your young or old even if you are a kid because people are capable of doing bad things.

  • A crime is a crime

    Juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. At the age of 10 everyone should know wrong from right. Most people in the comments are saying that they are too young to know what they are doing but in most cases, they know what they are doing and even if they are 10 a crime is a crime.

  • Yes in some cases

    I think the ability to try a juvenile as an adult should always be there for the prosecution if needed. It is going to come down to a case by case basis but the chance needs to be there. Factors to consider include age, intent, behavior, remorse and more and it should be left up to the proesecution.

  • There comes an age.

    I think this question really depends on exactly how old this juvenile is. If they are a teenager, say 15 or 16 years old, then yes, I do think they should be tried as adults. They are still old enough to understand what they are doing and right from wrong.

  • Certain crimes should be tried as adults.

    I believe that at a certain age you are fully aware of the consequences of your choices. I believe that a fifteen year old is aware enough of the consequences of their actions that they should be tried as an adult. I think it is a cop out to charge them as children.

  • Juveniles should not be tried as adults

    Violent juveniles should not be tried as adults because they dont know exactly what they r doing. Say a baby hurts there brother so much that they need to go to the hospital the baby didn't hurt there brother on purpose that is why i think that juveniles shouldent be tried as adults

  • A child doesnt now what they are doing

    Children who do something very bad might not now what they are doing like some one might have told the child its ok so they did it and didnt now better or they were forced to do some thing bad or are just mental YOU CANT SAY THEYRE EVIL JUST CASE ITS BAD TO KILL!

  • No kids should not be tried as an adult

    Kids do not know what they are doing when they are hurting someone.The reason why they do this is probly because they where tromitized as a child and the think that it is okay to do things like that.And another reason is cause mabey someone died in there family and they are maby mad about it

  • They sould not be charged as adults.

    They sould not because they could get abused or killed or be Forster to have adult on teen sex. Ask yourself, if this was you would you want to be put in a jail sell with a(n) adult? I know I would not. So that's why I vote no. You should too.

  • They should not be put in jail with adults.

    If they are put in jail with adults they can get abused and used for sex from adult to teen. What if this was you? Would you want to be put in a jail sell with an adult? I know I would not. So I vote no. You should too.

  • Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

    No, violent juveniles should not be charged as adults. As they are children, juveniles do not have fully developed brains, minds, and senses of what is right or wrong. To a juvenile, there are no true consequences in life. Therefore, juveniles are incapable of understanding right and wrong and should not be tried as adults.

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