• Yes.Its is bad.

    Yes. Its is bad. Violent video games will cause people to be engrossed in the game such that they can't recognize between the real world and the gaming world. This has cause many people to go around killing others thinking that they will be revived. Thus, violent video games should be banned so these kind of incidents will never happen again.

  • Yes, if it's really violent.

    A certain amount of violence that is akin to the old sort of cartoons where things were animated and kids got a chance to take out some of their aggressions this way is fine. But when there is actual depiction of violence against other human beings that is pornographic, that should be banned, especially to minors.

  • Yes. Its is bad.

    Violent video games will cause people to be engrossed in the game such that they can't recognize between the real world and the gaming world. This has cause many people to go around killing others thinking that they will be revived. Thus, violent video games should be banned so these kind of incidents will never happen again.

  • They should be banned

    If people support gun control laws, which I do not and don't support banning of violent entertainment, to me that makes you a hypocrite. By taking guns away your not solving anything, but taking away from law abiding citizens which most violent people are not. I believe that all other things depicting violence should also have to go. Movies, T.V. shows, and video games are in my opinion a way of dehumanizing people to the point of where they are comfortable with seeing blood and gore. We live in a very self centered world as it is and when you mix that with the dehumanizing effect I mentioned that entertainment has it can make for a very deadly combination. I don't necessarily believe anything should be banned, but I don't believe that anything showing violence should be advertised and I also think parents need to be more loving of their children and protect them more from such self destructive decisions. I used to play violent games and watch violent stuff and until one day it started to bother me again and I turned away from it and I'm living better than ever. Our purpose in life is to live in love and with the media constantly showing nothing but hate, it makes it very hard to live in love.

  • It should be banned

    Violent video games should be banned for little kids because I know a woman who teaches second grade and there is a child in her class who always talks about murder and suicide and shooting. This kid is 8 and he is playing GTA 5 and killing people in the game. Its not right for a little kid to be talking about something so violent and inappropriate.

  • I support banning extremely violent video games.

    Every time I watch an ad for Kill Shot Bravo, I feel sad. How could anyone want to play that? This is a very accurate simulation of the slaughter and murder of innocent human beings. When it comes down to the simulation of the death of any living thing, I do not support it. Why? Because of the violent effects that murder games have on humans. For those of you who don't think it does have the violent effect, imagine that you have never played a violent video game in your life, and you understand how awful murder is. Then one day you play Kill Shot bravo. What might you be thinking? You may be thinking something like this: "gees, this is awful! How could anyone even THINK about playing this horrid of a game?!". Now pretend you forced yourself to play every day for five hours. After playing it five hours for half a year or more, you most likely will be thinking something like this while playing the murderous game: "YES!!! I shot him in the stomach multiple times and his guts are spilling out! That's gross! Ha ha! Weird... He's still all twitchy!". Notice the difference? If you don't think there would be a difference, I'll give you personal experience. When I was about 7 or 8, I played a bloody game for a short time for a couple weeks. The name of the game was Earn to Die, and the objective was to kill zombies. Of course, I felt no sympathy toward the zombies, because they were zombies, right? Right. At the time, I didn't like killing zombies. The only reason I played it was because there were cars. The only part I enjoyed doing when I played it at first was driving the cars. I did not particularly enjoy slaughtering zombies at first. But even in the very short time of playing Earn to Die, the parts I enjoyed doing had changed from driving trucks to murdering zombies. I had changed from not caring about the zombies the believing the name of the game: Earn to Die. After I quit, I had believed the zombies earned to die. This is just a very small example because it wasn't as violent and accurate as the games I mentioned earlier, and I didn't play it nearly long enough to seriously mess up my brain. If people got addicted an interactive murder simulation for many years at a time, playing it 24-7, there could potentially be a very tragic ending out in the real world.

  • It should be banned

    These violent games are building kids to be more violent because they play a game with a goal of killing and hurting people. However, some minors think that it is cool to play which affects them in wanting to kill people in the future. Instead of playing violent video games there are some educational games or games that are related to studies. Brainstorming games help your brain to think more whereas violent video games make your brain stressful.

  • They should not be banned.

    Video games don't cause violence. It's when people lose control and become obsessed. Saying video games cause violence is like saying guns kill people. It's a stupid argument. For one, video games and guns are inanimate objects. They're for recreational/defense purposes. People kill people. Video games are here for our entertainment. The video games aren't saying, "Hey, guess what! You should go out and kill people in real life!", now are they? I've never played a game that told me to murder my church members. They're for fun. Most people have the mental stability and willpower not to let a game "control them". Most violence is from anger. I've been plating violent video games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, The Elder Scrolls, and others since I was, at the oldest, 2. And I haven't killed anyone. Video games don't cause violence. Stupid people with no self control, willpower, or ability to differentiate between reality and a game. It's not the game or the company's fault people play a violent game then kill someone. Have you ever thought you may just be over-complicating things in your mind? Someone plays a violent game, then they kill someone. I say coincidence. If you want a real life video game, do paintball. It allows you to shoot and "kill" people for fun. Video games are entertainment.

  • No it shouldn't

    When the second GTA game came out i really wanted to get it. My parents allowed. They said i could because teach me not to be a criminal. It did, you don't see me going around any city shooting people, stealing cars, drug dealing, or even shooting strippers. In all they shouldn't be banned I also see it as a way to teach kids not to be criminals. That is my argument against violent game content being banned.

  • No, I do not think violent video game content should be banned.

    No, I do not think violent video game content should be banned. If you think they should, do you think that violent movies should be banned too? Video games have a rating system just like movies do, making it clear and easy for parents to tell if a game is too mature for their child or not. Parents need to actually be parents, instead of relying on the government to do their job for them.

  • Violent video game content should be banned.

    Violent video games should not be permitted because they encourage people to be violent in real life. Some people become so obsessed with video games that they are not able to determine the difference between the fantasy world of the game and real life. These people might try to emulate the violence of the games in real life.

  • It should not.

    Violent video game content should not be banned for any reason. If someone wants to play a violent video game, then they should be allowed to. We have rights and that would be infringing on it. If your were to do this is would hurt the economy too because there are a lot of sales of these games.

  • Violent video game content should not be banned.

    Violent video game content should not be banned. It should be left up to the parents to decide whether or not a child should be allowed to play these games. I do not think that it is fair to punish everyone else by banning these games just because the parents are not doing their jobs.

  • It's just a game!

    I don't get why people get a up in arms all of the time about violent video games. For one thing as I have said, it is just a game. Another thing is that people are mad because little kids are playing violent video games and that it is to violent for them. But it is actually the parents fault because the rating is clearly stated on the box and on the ads

  • Violent Video Game Content Not Harmful

    While many people would say that violent video game content is harmful to children and teens, research has shown the opposite effect. This content is pure fantasy, and most people realize that immediately. Violent video games don't cause people to turn violent themselves, and thus the content doesn't need to be removed.

  • Video games are harmless and shouldn't be banned.

    I believe that video games are very important for the
    development of a child’s imagination, confidence, and hand-eye
    coordination. The banning of violent
    video games is a bad idea. Even if all
    violent video games were banned, violence would still exist. Video games are harmless, and banning any of
    them would eliminate thousands of high paying jobs.

  • Violent video games are cool

    I think violent video games should not be banned because they are the best kind of games. For example gta 5 you can steal vehicles and you can get mad nice guns that's why i think violent video games are cool. Another example call of duty games they have shooting in it that's why i like them games.

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