• Violent games should be banned.

    Well, people think that if adults can play them, so can kids. Kids cannot play these violent games that teach children bad language and show things like killing and blood. My dad plays violent games like this with his friend, but he doesn't let us watch it. That is good parenting and my parents know that children should not watch it (let alone play it) at all.

  • Kids shouldn't be playing them anyway

    The main reason why there is so much controversy over this is because a great majority of kids play these games. Almost all video games that are labeled "violent" are rated MATURE. The only reason kids are playing these games is because parents buy and let them play them. You cant even purchase a popular triple A shooter (Battlefield, Call of Duty, ect.) without showing ID. Don't blame the children for playing these games, blame the parents for allowing them to play them.

  • To what degree of 'violent' are we talking about?

    If anything, letting your children play such 'violent' video games should be something of a test of trust between child and parent. The parent should be able to tell whether or not their child is responsible enough to say... Establish a connection between what's real and what is isn't in a 'violent' video game. In the first response saying video games should be banned, the user states 'they teach children bad language and show things like killing and blood'. First off, it's not necessarily teaching, it's more showing. I'm willing to bet that it is not the first time that child has heard cuss words before and it isn't as if the character is there forcing a child to say the repeated word. It all comes down to the maturity level of the child. And if it does show things like 'killing' and 'blood', saying that they should be banned because of those specific factors is quite naive, that is basically like not allowing your child with the truth of the matter. Killing does quite obviously happen, and blood well, we all have it. Don't shun children away from the truth because you deem it 'bad'. Know their maturity levels.

  • No it should not

    Violent video game bring benefit to our society and economy.Since there were producing of violent video game , the crime decrease.Instead of banned these games we should have an regulation on it.Kids and young people that are under 18 should not play these games.It design only for adults.So if the kids play these games and become aggressive its their own fault.However violent video game bring other benefit such as hand eye coordination,think faster and spatial vision. No way we should not banned it. Think about consequence guys.

  • No need for banning

    I played violent games before the age of 10. Some says that kids will learn to become violent and demonstrate what shown in games. I will say that is absurd, because I knew that they were just graphics and not real. My parents also taught me some moral values. I think kids who knows moral values and common sense will not have any effect playing violent games. But my opinion is to keep away from kids because there are some retarded kids who think everything they see is real. Parents should be careful. As for adults they can play as much as they want. Because I am now 21 I think they keeps our violent side low. Because in games like GTA you you drive as you want in their graphical environment that lowers my urge to be adventurous in real driving. This is true believe me violent games makes me calm.

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