• Violent video games are teaching are kids to be violent.

    It is a known fact that we learn by repetition. By allowing children to play violent video games it starts to desensitize them at an early age to the effects of violence. These games were originally designed for military training to help soldiers overcome their hesitancy in shooting the enemy.

  • Those Who voted 'No' are delusional fools.

    It's plainly obvious, video games make people of all ages agitated and aggressive.

    I've seen it in my nephews and niece and there are countless studies available at your finger tips.

    The vast majority of respondents to this article are delusional people with absolutely no sense of what's going on. Now that is a cold hard fact and highly unfortunate that there are so many video game addicts.

  • Video Game Violence and Why It Should End

    Video games these days are now just shooting and killing. Children play these games for entertainment and I know that they are fun, because I play them too. But this is a serious thing. Children do not need to play violent games because games can influence children to do so. People say,"Oh, my son promised to never act like that," or,"Tyler loves these games and he keeps asking for a BB gun". The BB gun may be just for fun, but soon he'll get a real gun. Violent video games like MWF3 or Call of Duty or Assassins Creed are insults to military men. They're at war, fighting for our country, and you've got your butt on a couch, laughing at people who are getting shot on a video game. This is a serious offense to soldiers. And what if you played these games and someone you love is in the military. Would they feel offended. Go on. Ask yourself. They are insulting, bad for children, and brutal.

  • Of COURSE they can influence kids!!

    Anyone who says otherwise is either making money from them, playing them, or cant think straight. GTA 5 just out at midnight, kid gets stabbed on way home with it. Hope he is okay, but also hope this puts him off these types of arsehole breeding games. Incidentally, I'd be charging the creators with attempted murder also, they are directly responsible, no game, no stabbing. Sick of these companies and film makers putting out violent trash and then (whilst counting their gold) saying 'no, there's no link'. Maybe they don't see it, others do and have to live with it daily.

  • Yes violent video games should be banned!!

    Police have linked several violent cases to violent video games. For example a 8 year old boy oblivious to the real life fact that if you shot someone in real life they would die and not come back, took out a gun and shot is grandmother. His grandmother did die and did not come back. He is now facing life in prison after juvenile hall of course for something he didn't realize was bad in the first place. Video games pump things into children's heads so bad these days they have no way of knowing the difference between real life and video game life.

  • Just think about banning violent video games, guys!

    Think about what violent video games are! They are realistic killing games. Is this what you want your child to be practicing?! People die from stress involved in playing this. They practice going on killing sprees. Why would anyone want to be practicing that?! I don't think anyone should play "games" about killing and death.

  • Yes I do think violent games should be banned.

    The reason why I say that violent video games should be banned is because they are meant for adults, not children. It is impossible for the game creators to enforce their M rated games just like "PORN". I have witnessed children playing children's games one second, and ending up on a porn site with a few clicks on the mouse. So the argument of "it needs to be held up like porn" is out of the question. In today's society, adults are too busy doing their own things and don't have the time to monitor their children, leaving them to develop on their own. Youtube has plenty of examples of children raging which does affect them. My nephew, for example, lived with his mother in the city. Away from any relatives who could take care of him. His mother would work long hours and wasn't there most of the time. The babysitter she had wasn't there to develop the child like a parent would have. My nephew, feeling alone would turn to his attention to fighting games to pass the time. My brother finally got custody of him after a few years. He was different from the other children. I, his own uncle would try to talk with him. He would shy away and make creature noises from the games he had been playing, how odd is that. In school he would hit other children, and when he was asked why he did it, his response was, "he was bothering me". Nobody taught him to react that way. It took a few years to break him out of that mentality. He's fine now and is also a very good hockey player, now put that in your so called government studies. Ban away.

  • Violent video games should be banned because they encourage violence.

    Remember the massacre in Norway? A group of children were on an island off the coast of Norway. A young man went there and murdered all the children there. Children, for God's sake. After he was captured and brought to court he said, and I quote, "I practiced playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare."

  • I think that they should be banned

    Think about the death count in young kids and teenagers. They are being killed everyday because they think that it is okay to kill someone. They do it on a video game and receive no punishment so they think that if they go out in the real world and do the same thing they won't get in any trouble.

  • Violent Video Games are Dangerous

    It is possible for undeveloped minds to become very changed by violent influence. It is possible that violent acts could be committed due to the changed minds of those who play such video games. Not to say I have never played such a game, just that they are potentially dangerous to our own society.

  • Banning Violent Video Games Would Be Pointless

    I am an eighteen year old male who has played Call of Duty and other shooters since I was fourteen years old. I have never once truly wanted to head out and legitimately kill someone. Parents should understand that if they want to keep their kids from being exposed to violent video games, then they should be the ones to bar them from playing it. My god it is as simple as this, don't let them play it. It's their job too make sure they have control of what their kids can and can't watch. It seems that today parents have forgotten how to be the ones to actually parent their kid and rely on the government to do that job for you. The government's job isn't to raise your children. It's the parents' job. If that bill gets passed, numerous numbers of responsible and healthy people who play violent video games for fun and are perfectly sane people will be completely thrown to the curb.

    Parents need to be the ones to take charge, not the government. We already have the ESRB rating system out for a reason.

  • No, It's Utterly Rubbish and Nonsense

    I love violent video games so much. These games bring so many benefits to the US economy. As we know, the US economy is falling dramatically. These violent video games are the only hope to maintains its economy and even increase it. Why should it be banned? I really don't understand. These games never bring bad to our life. I think that parents should be blamed for these controversy issues. Many people considered parents as 'old school'. Since they were born before violent video games, then they should shut their mouth and see the benefits of these video games. Needs more common sense.

  • Let them go on.

    Violent games teach us kids lifelong lessons such as how to survive in a war or how to use guns if you are in the army! People only think about what bad lessons and bad things these games could teach but there are many upsides to these games so parents should allow us to play.

  • What would happen to the game producers?

    If we ban violent games, where are all the game developers and producers go to? I f you're one of those people who make games to entertain citizens and feed their own family how would you feel if there are people saying we should ban you're life time career. Happy? I HOPE NOT

  • What a Joke!!!

    I have never in my life met anyone who has been influenced by video games and especially imposing violence.

    I would rather my kids stay at home and play video games, then going outside and getting themselves into real danger, that is influenced by other PEOPLE.

    The focus these days is narrowed down to something as ridiculous as this

  • Who are you?

    It all depends on who the person is. You don't hand a rifle to a mentally unstable person, don't hand a game to someone who can't handle the violence. Simple. I've ben playing games where you kill since I was 3, and i'm completely fine. It all depends on who you are.

  • It is our god given right to purchase as one pleases,

    unless that product causes harm to the environment or the people inhabiting it. Restricting violent video games from the public, would more than certainly cause mass controversy. We buy game consoles so that we can play a variety of games, taking violence out of them will eliminate at least half of the variety. Games like Modern Warfare, Street Fighter, and even the preferred classic; Mario will be gone, given the fact that there is violence included. Violent or not, we deserve to play as we choose, and nobody should have the right to rob us of that.

  • Stupid.

    Banning video games would frustrate a lot of people. No one should even let young kids play them. In some states, they only let 18+ but them. Because that's who they're for. I wouldn't mind if the government did that, but a full ban? That's the stupidest thing ever. Banning video games is like banning awesome books. They're for entertainment. The only good reason they have for banning the video games is the MENTAL going around killing people. Studies show people with Aspergers have a fascination for a certain thing they enjoy, including video games.

  • Video Games should not be banned.

    Instead of blaming your child's violence on video games, blame it on your parenting. YOU are the ones who are buying them their games in the first place! Can't you watch what they are playing, and stop them from playing those games?! What those psychopaths do aren't a result of the videos games, but of the person itself. It all depends on who the person IS, rather than what the game is. Billions of people on earth play video games, and does that mean they're all psychopaths? NO! IT DEPENDS ON WHO THE PERSON PLAYING IS!

  • No, they are not real life.

    If violent video games were banned, my brother would not be happy. My brother likes violent games such as Call of Duty and Homefront and Grand Theft Auto. He plays Black Ops Zombies all the time on his XBOX. So I'm just saying don't ban violent video games. They're just video games, it's not real life.

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Anonymous says2013-03-01T14:11:47.283
I am for neither choice. Every video game has some violence to some extent. The problem with video games is not that they are violent but the unnecessary excessiveness of violent content as well as inappropriate content. Games can be amazing and fun without such violence and inappropriate content. Games such as Kingdom Hearts ve violent content but it is not excessive and has a moral messege that is sent to the gamer that plays it. The messege of the first Kingdom Hearts is that you help your friends through hardships even if the obstacles that lie between you and helping your friend seem to be at an impossible odds there is a way to previal over it all and show that friend the light.
tomdonovan22 says2014-05-16T08:27:25.727
Eh buds!
abdirashid17 says2015-10-06T22:28:30.777
My name is jeff
TripZz says2016-03-20T23:33:55.163
Has anyone ever thought that maybe violent kids who are violent before they start playing games , start playing violent games to get rid of their agitations?
AppleTY says2017-05-10T16:49:13.010
Video games are the best
smiley12 says2017-09-11T08:26:41.610
Dealsncouponz says2017-11-16T08:56:18.360
Yes it should be banned very soon, because this is the matter of our coming genration
junho7420 says2018-06-07T11:49:16.610
I think it should not be banned.