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Yes, violent video game should be banned for all.

  I believe there is no place in society for violent video games. The violence includes graphic scenes of physical destruction that should never have been produced in a game. Young children and adolescents should definitely not be exposed to these games and I do not see where they would provide entertainment for adults either.
Mugiwara says2014-02-22T17:18:21.610
Only young children, There is no evidence that violent video games create violent people. As a responsible parent or person it is ultimately your decision on weather or not materials might be appropriate for you or your children.

Mharjhon A. Pangan
Contributor: www.ourhappyschool.com
ThePS101 says2014-03-05T04:38:37.470
I guess us adult gamers should play "Hello Kitty Playtime" or "Barbie's Magical" adventure rather than "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" because we live in a happy world in Candyland and we look at the Gumdrop mountain and all that.
steeltoon says2015-05-20T15:18:28.813
How about banning violent movies, because if violence I video games has to go then movies too right? How about violent songs they should be banned too right? Oh let ban physical activity they can hurt people!!
The_Default_Trash_Bag says2018-09-05T00:26:30.867
You do understand that it has been proven that videogames don't cause violence most studies that say they do measure aggression levels straight after playing a video game however you can get the same result from giving a child a hard maths question. It has been show over the long term video games don't cause violence
itdobelikethat says2018-09-12T21:05:31.883
Yeah and i bet that you think vaccines cause autism too
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