Should violent video games be banned for everyone (yes) or just children (no)?

  • Ban it all!!!

    Ban anything that might be suggestive to anyone! Ban TV, internet, the news. Ban books, radio, and movies! Ban all guns, drugs, and alcohol! Personally I don't think we should even talk to each other at all, because violence might be talked about... Ban everything but religion!... And impeach Obama! Prohibition works!!! 'Murika!!!

  • Age doesnt matter

    I don't think age should matter that much. Violence is inapropriate no matter where you come from or who you are. I don't care if you're over 30, younshould be finding something better to do than shoot virtual huamns on the xbox. Some games are very good but the violence can be tuned down. Violence is not nescessary to make a good video game anyways. Violence in other media shouls just be tuned down.

  • Yes it is

    I personnally think that violent video games only is okay if the parents lets the kid play the game. If the game is too violent and the parent still let the child play then that is a terrible parent just saying. But i think games that are too violent like mortal combat should be banned. Like their finishing moves like ripping somebodies heart out and eating it or sticking a grenade in someones chest or ripping someones skin off of their muscles

  • Yes, violent video game should be banned for all.

    I believe there is no place in society for violent video games. The violence includes graphic scenes of physical destruction that should never have been produced in a game. Young children and adolescents should definitely not be exposed to these games and I do not see where they would provide entertainment for adults either.

  • Yes violent video games should be banned for everyone

    Violent video games should be banned for everyone because it is bad for us and violent video games can even lead to death 💀 ok and yes if video games were banned for everyone we wouldn’t have the problem again so yeah my final answer is yes ok 👍 good bye 👋

  • FPS support Shooting others

    More people with deranged minds play FPS games to practice for mass murderings. I say they should be banned and are just mind poison. I know a person that lived near me and they committed homicide killing their family and their neighbors 1 year old son. He then was caught and said his reason was because he was inspired by Grand Theft Auto. Ever since I hated violent games.

  • Video games are not the problem the news media is The real push of violence

    Every day we watch the news every day the news glorify somebody else for their actions against others when in truth the people talking about it are the very people causing the problem I’ve been playing video games for almost 30 years of my life I am 33 I’ve been playing video games since I was a very very small child under no circumstances have I ever felt the need to act out what I do in video game The real world the problem is the shooters are acting like the news is some sort of scoreboard and it’s who can get the most famous snacks if they simply just stop talking about it it will stop happening maybe not completely but on a large scale I’ve sat alone doing nothing most of my life watching the world go bye happily mind you I’m allergic to the sun so I have a lot of free time on my hands but the one thing I cannot seem to get away from his watching people talk about things I don’t understand or know about It’s always what somebody else said not what their personal experiences have led them to my solution we should be in the news or at least make a good news network. . When you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns you don’t see too many people going to gun shows and shoot people up now do you. . And on that note people need to put down their phones walk away from their computers turn off their televisions and spend time with those that are in their lives why they still have a chance before they die This is sincerely been lord Bob 23

  • No for both sides.

    I've read the top two arguments for the yes side, And they are both delusional. If video games are so negative for our children (they aren't), Then why do you keep giving them to them? You can't just blame video games for violence because you're a bad parent and don't want to confess to it

  • No, just the kids.

    Violent video games, personally, let me do things I wouldn't dream of doing in real life. I can happily slaughter a hundred civilians in Postal 2 if I'm just angry at everything and need to let off some Steam (heh, puns). Of course, I wouldn't think of doing so in real life.
    However, kids are much more impressionable, and they might end up trying to repeat something they see in a game. There's a reason all those 'don't try this at home' messages appear in kids' science shows.
    My final point is that banning people from making violent video games would be a blatant infringement of free speech. It's the developers' games, they put what they want in there.
    And it's YOUR jobs as parents to make sure that the games your kids are playing are appropriate to their age. I hear that the new Kirby game's quite good, so buy that for them and stop them buying DOOM and COD instead. Let them wait a few years before they get introduced to graphic violence.

  • No, just no

    If anything, violent video games could help relieve stress. Instead of harming actual living things, people can get their anger out with a simple video game. In some cases though, a game should have some certain things banned. I agree with the person who mentioned mortal kombat above, those games are to extreme.

  • They shouldn't be banned for ANYONE

    Do keep in mind we already have a complete rating system so that parents can see what is in their children's games and moderate what they play. There also has been no scientific evidence that shows video games can cause violence, they can definitely cause aggressiveness yes just like they could cause any other form of emotion, just like any other form of media. Temporary aggressiveness doesn't come from violent video games in particular, it can be caused by any game, maybe because it's just difficult. Temporary aggressiveness also will not lead to violence, the only way it ever would is if the person agitated was already a very violent person. The fact is that video games are being persecuted just like any other form of media has been persecuted before, be it movies, music, television, even books. If we are going to ban violent or suggestive video games then would it not make sense to ban every violent movie out there like say James Bond or 300? Should we no longer have the freedom to listen to what music we want to listen too? Should we keep more violent books out of libraries like the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and even things like Lord of the Flies?! The obvious answer is no to all of this, video games do not cause violence and have been proven not to, they are just another form of media that is being persecuted just like all other forms have been persecuted before to a greater or lesser degree.

  • Violent should be banned for children under the age of 17

    Violent games have brought a lot of destruction in our country today. We have many kids who are rebellious and violent in nature, and a lot of it has to do with violent games. A lot of the influence the receive is from video games, and yes, they should be banned and only people over the age of 17 should be allowed to play. There also has to be a restriction on how much violence the game should have.

  • Not Everyone Is Crazy

    Video Games get a bad rap, just like movies do on it's impact on society. Most people do think there should be some sort of age limit, as children's brains develop. After that, most people should be fully aware of not reality and reality. That is if our society is educating people the right way.

  • No media at all should be banned.

    There is no evidence that violent video games create violent people. The research on the subject of violence in media (TV, Movies, games) has been ongoing since there was media to research. The conclusion is that it is inconclusive.

    As a responsible parent or person it is ultimately your decision on weather or not materials might be appropriate for you or your children. The very last thing you want is a government panel deciding on what is or isn't appropriate for public consumption. You might as well just bring the Catholic church back in control of the Government at that point.

  • Only young children

    I think that since so many people like to play violent video games, and they bring in an incredible amount of money for the nation, only very young children should not be allowed to play them. There is no harm that comes from a teen playing a violent game at all.

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themohawkninja says2014-02-21T15:42:10.780
Neither. No form of media should be banned anywhere by anyone to any demographic of society.
ThePS101 says2014-03-05T04:40:31.417
This is a LOADED QUESTION that leaves NO ROOM for an answer that would satisfy the opinion of violent games banned from NO ONE.

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