Should violent video games be illegal for anyone under age 17?

  • Yes I think so!

    I highly believe that violent video games should not be given or bought for children under 17. Not all children are mature enough to understand that it's pretend. For instance if a 10 yr old kid gets a hold of a violent game he might think it's ok to act out violently for the wrong reasons. Not that you should ever act out violently for any reason, but let's say if a kid is for some reason annoying or upsetting them and instead of them going to an adult they decide to act violent instead.

  • Yeas they should tots bann it

    This is because many young kids are playing violent video games nowadays. This is leading to more violence in the child behavior. Video game retailors should not be allowed to sell video games rated m or r to kids even if a parent is with them. Childs brain are not ready for this kind of maturity

  • No more violent video games for children.

    They need to be outlawed. They are made to look more realistic. We can't outlaw machine guns in our society and than to have these video games available to our children with no age restrictions is insane. We are encouraging bad behavior, unlawful acts, mental health problems. I am a mother of two men and one daughter and I try to raise them to be God fearing but this is a gun culture that we are living in here in America. It is just not safe anymore.

  • This isn't right

    It is not right that children are ignoring the esrb and it's video game ratings. People don't like me because they play games rates T or higher and the highest rating I have played is a 10+. This is wrong. It is not right that children are ignoring the esrb and it's video game ratings. People don't like me because they play games rates T or higher and the highest rating I have played is a 10+. This iIt is not right that children are ignoring the esrb and it's video game ratings. People don't like me because they play games rates T or higher and the highest dating I have played is a 10+. This is wrong.S wrong.

  • Why do they make games for 17 and up just to sell them to 13-16 year olds

    When you go into a game store how many 13-16 year olds buying like Left for Dead or GTA 5?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just think about it guys and gals

  • Why would you give a 9 year old GTA 5!

    Seriously, I'm growing up with kids playing violent video games rated M and they get whatever games they want. Part of GTA 5's story -line is getting lap danced. It is named after a crime, and all you do is shoot people and steal money, for cryin' out loud! Why would you rate it if no one's parents will follow the guideline? Would you give your 9 - 10 year-old a game with nothing but pornagraghy and violence?

  • I think they should because it will get the kids off our back

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  • Dead Beat Parenting

    It should be ILLEGAL . X rated pornography has an age 18 rating, would you by an X rated pornographic magazine & then hand it to your eight year old child? That is exactly what YOU are doing when you purchase Adult video games, like GTA 4 and GTA 5! Parents should be held accountable for their actions. Charges like distributing pornographic images to children, should be pressed against parents by the State & OCY! ESRB states that video games are constitutionally protected, yet fails to realise that not ALL free speech is constitutionally protected. Swearing is against the law, you can get Disorderly Conduct for swearing. Swearing IS NOT a form of FREE SPEECH in the USA. Furthermore , the ESRB should be implemented into and coordinate with Federal, State & even local guidelines, rules and laws. ESRB should be written into the law by law makers. In y opinion: Mature Rated games ARE NOT for Children.

  • Why rate it when it does not matter?

    Movies do it why is video games any different??? Just because its animated doesn't make it any less violent! God some people don't rate things if it doesn't matter that's rediculous kids should not be exposed to this type of stuff end of story little kids end up thinking its okay to behave like they do in games some parents just arn't responsible enough to monitor what their child plays plus why would you want your child to play these games anyways not any good parents.

  • The facts of this

    In the US over 25 million people under 18 years old have been found to play violent or mature video games. In the US there are 80 million people who are under 18 which means more than 25% play mature and violent video games which is a great number. When looking around schools you can see how pretty much everyone if friendly and not violent. To think video games cause violence is absolutely absurd and is not a plausible point whatsoever.

  • This is just so stupid

    I am a 24 year old woman who works for a American branch for a video game company. I make horror games for a living, and have been playing video games for most, if not all, my life. I have never once acted out and in fact I was a valedictorian my senior year in High School. I never once ever thought the reason i was angry at someone because of video games. The fact that we blame video games for school shootings and other tragedies is seriously idiotic. The only correlation is that most young people play video games and when a teen acts out and there is evidence of them being a regular teenager that plays video games we blame the video games instead of looking into past emotional and physical abuse. Instead of regulating video games how about we spend some time thinking and fixing outside influences like bullying, physical and emotional abuse, and other real world problems instead of blaming a game.

  • Because i said so

    They need to just suck it up and deal with it bc kids are gonna play them anyway no one can stop us were the revolution we make the rules you dont im the boss of you weather you like it or not so stop reading what i told you to stop

  • No... Just, no.

    Violent video games gives kids the chance to get their anger out without hurting anybody in the real world. Plus its the parents job to restrict their kids instead of banning the video games for everyone! My parents let me play games like Skyrim or Left 4 dead 2 as long as I don't hurt anything, anybody, do anything out of the ordinary (for me), or be rude or anything. As long as I'm good and get good grades my parents don't have a problem

  • The Kids Are Going To Play Them Anyway

    During the prohibition, alcohol was made illegal. Crime rates rose, and violence was more widespread. People did anything to get their hands on alcohol. The same would be true for video games. Kids would just buy them illegally. It is the parents job to regulate what games their kids play (considering that the parents, or an adult would have bought the game in the first place.)

  • Could actually increase crime.

    Banning violent video games could create an underground black market system selling violent video games to teens. It could also bankrupt violent video game companies, causing unemployment rates to rise, and those employees of the folded companies could start doing illegal things to earn money after they lost their job.

  • Cause fuck you

    Why ban them their fun as fuck so kill your self because no one likes you you dumb bitch if you think that it should be banned then just die in a fucking hole because no one has time to put laws up over foolishness... Just do us all a favor and suck your nanny

  • Your stupid argument

    Honestly i have played video games that are m since i was 10 but i havnt shot up any schools. Saying violent video games make me violent is like saying sports games make me pro sports players it just doesnt happen.And the real problem is if your kid has brain issues dont let him play m games or GIVE HIM ACCESS TO AN AR 15 REALLY? Stupidity is our real issue.

  • Kids Are Humans too

    The problem isn't that kids are to young its that kids don't set a limit to what they think is far enough into blood and gore you can't only ban rated m games because mario has a grown man jumping on turtles mushrooms eating mushrooms and that wouldn't happen no one would ban mario or sonic so why should we ban a game for having this real thing adults create called guns!

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