• Virginia's minimum wage should be increased.

    I think minimum wage should be raised everywhere, not just Virginia. Be are living in a poverty stricken world and if we are barely over the poverty line, we can't get help. I believe instead of trying to get government help, they need to increase the pay. Our standard way of life is increasing, but the pay doesnt support it. An extra dollar an hour could help all those around, including the government.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I would have to agree that the state of Virginia should definitely increase their minimum wage. These are hard economic times and people who work minimum wage jobs need help. The state owes this to its people to take care of them and provide a solid base pay for people in minimum wage jobs.

  • Yes, Virginia's minimum wage should be increased.

    Virginia is a large state which spans across a varied region in the U.S. The current minimum wage in Virginia is $7.25 per hour. That wage could either be beneficial or detrimental to people in different parts of the state. In southern Virginia wages are generally lower than in Northern Virginia where wages are higher. Northern Virginia and southern Virginia shouldn't be held under the same wage.

  • Yes, it should

    National poverty line for a family of two is $14,570 per year. The current Virginia minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, which adds up to $15,080.00 per year (for 40 hours a week), means an average Virginian worker makes enough money to go just barely over of poverty line.
    A person who puts 40 hours a week to work and has just a little bit more than people who lives in poverty should make us re-think again and again about labor rights in US.

  • Not to the double digits!

    Sorry I am a hard working individual and I feel that if I worked years to get to where I am others should also. Not trying to sound spiteful in anyway or bitter. But if you have someone who has worked hard for many years why should a least experienced person be paid the same amount. Salaried employees will still be paid the same while gas, groceries, and other amenities go up with the minimum wage. I understand the living is hard for most but it will still be the same when the wage increases. While your paycheck looks nice, you will be dishing out more still.

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