• Yes it should

    I've never had sex with a girl, and I've had a good life. The only reason it isn't today is because we've rejected God and His standards. Ancient women valued virginity more than life. If you don't believe me, Jepthah's daughter was to be sent to the temple as a priest (devoted as a sacrifice) and she was allowed to mourn that she would never get married. Why should Americans know more than ancient people did? We think we do because of our science, but we'd be surprised at how smart ancient people were.

  • Absolutely Virginity should be Valued!

    Yes, virginity should be valued because it shows the other person that was waiting to be married how much they truly love them that they would wait to have sex. Being a virgin is a beautiful thing! There is nothing wrong with being a virgin either! Anyone that is a virgin should be very proud and thankful that they were not used like others who are not virgins. It is a gift to be a virgin and should be valued because there are many people who wish they were still a virgin but are not and so they have to live the rest of their lives will that guilt. Just think how special the husband or wife will feel to find out that their spouse is a virgin. No one who isn't a virgin can really experience or appreciate sex the way married people do.

  • Yes, of course .

    Yes, I believe virginity should be valued. Virginity, I believe, is the best gift one could give to his or her lover. It means that he or she has waited for that person and has not been promiscuous and out giving his or her body away to other people to use it all up. Virginity is to be valued because it is precious and one should only want to give the most precious part of oneself to someone who definitely deserves it.

  • If you want it to it is

    If you really care and want your first to be special, then it is. Simple as that. It is up to the parties involved and by definition, one's virginity in this case indicates that they abstained from sex with others so they can be with the right person, therefore they believe the person they are with which means more discretion was implemented and that the connection means more, therefore its more valuable . It may not be universally but since there is some cases, even a majority even, it is valued.

  • Your own should be valued

    Every time you choose to have sex with someone, whether you address it or not, they take a piece of you with them. When you're married to someone you become one, so they don't necessarily take a piece of you because that piece is shared. Your virginity is valued and you should be proud of it.

  • Yes it should

    But why is there a picture of a female rather than a male. It just brings to mind that women are usually the ones who are disrespected for losing virginity rather than males. I know it is easier for women to wait and be more cautious, but it's not for either genders when your friends tell you you should try it, and you are young surrounded by youth making unwise decisions. For some reason it takes longer to shake certain belief systems people have developed about why it's more ok for a man to be able to do something than a woman.

  • The ability to wait and ignore natural urges takes a lot!

    We all have those natural desires, instincts. It takes a lot of restraint and control to be able to ignore them and focus on the full picture. Starting to have sex too early makes the person not focus in the important matters early enough. Most guys I have met go crazy at the thought of girl virgins. They just have their animalistic side come out and want to claim the unclaimed. I'm 20 and deciding to wait for marriage simply due to myself. Religion, parents, etc aren't the reasons that make me wait. It is just seeing statistics and people around me. The friends I knew that had premarital sex have a hard life now and many regrets. One or both partners being a virgin in marriage also decreases the chances of divorce.

  • Ignoring religious views for this one

    As the title says, let's ignore the religious views for this. Yes virginity should be valued for the following reasons: hormones and patience. Your body craves sex because of your hormones. So if you're able to ignore those hormones, you realize you can ignore those chocolate cravings as well. Patience means you're able to actually save it and not squander it away. Plus you're worth more than being the girl who must have sex all the time. Why? That's a slutty/whorish behavior, and those who revel in that are just ignorant. Being a slut is not good, it means you're willing to have sex with anyone just because. According to my handy dandy dictionary, a slut is an immoral woman. Back to the topic of virginity, why should you let any man have it, especially at the risk of STDs? Gross, you're first time and you get crabs or worse, HIV all because you don't care. Everyone should at least have some decency to not hump every guy out there. Oh, let's not forget about women becoming pregnant easily. All it takes is some sperm and an egg. Males, don't think you're out of the picture. Why settle for some girl who could also give you a STD or make you the laughing stock of school because she said you have a small penis? Think about it, virginity actually saves you the hassle from worrying about rumors, pregnancy, and STDs. Why isn't virginity more valued nowadays? Oh that's right, people love to do what feels good and don't care for the consequences like alcohol and drugs. Yeah, I went there. Let's have some value and confidence in ourselves! We don't constantly need sex and being a virgin takes off some worry of those who have already are having sex!

  • It was useful when women were property.

    It was a useful measurement when women were property. It ensured that the woman would not be pregnant with another man's child, that the woman had an acceptable level of piety and social consciousness, and that she was likely clean of venereal diseases.

    In societies where women are property, and their primary function is to bare children and tend the house, these qualities are going to be vital and an assurance needs to be given. But now that we live in a society where women aren't property, virginity is nothing but a physical condition and state of mind.

  • Sex is a skill.

    Like any skill that can be trained, masters are valued far more than novices and the idea that the reverse should be true stands in the way of developing an enjoyable experience into something more enjoyable. While is could be argued that virginity is the loss of innocence, it is also the gaining of maturity which should also be valued more as it allows an individual to have perspective on the world.

  • Its a male concept.

    Virginity like so many other obsolete concepts are manifestations of the male ego. Power over property . Ownership . Dominance . False religious superstitions .. Geared to give the power to males and subjugate females.
    Humans are animals with the same genetic prim directive procreate then next generation. As occurs in the wild males harbor the need to insure their genes are passed on .. Demanding a virgin bride who remains monogamous for life has become the socially acceptable method to achieve this end. Even while approving of male sexual promiscuity. Double standards enforced by historically male dominated religions, governments, social norms.
    We as a society must move past the concept of women as property. Women and her medical status of virginity or the lack of it might be an important point between two potential partners . But not for society as a whole.

  • She's Not a Toothbrush.

    Valuing a woman anymore or less because of the state of their hymen objectifies them utterly and completely.
    A virgin is only valued because she is pure and unsullied, and the only reason that matters is so that Mr. Husband can receive his shiny new product without other people's grubby finger-prints on it. The only argument for valuing virginity is basically that you wouldn't buy and use a toothbrush that somebody else has taken out of the packet, scrubbed their gnashers with and put back in the box. (we can extend this metaphor here - yes she has been 'put bak in the box'; brides wear white, remember?)
    Thus if your opinion on a woman depends on her virginity, you obviously only see her as something to buy and use. A object.

  • Reject the restricting philosophy behind virginity

    People shouldn't be defined by whether or not they have done some physical activity. If someone enjoys having sex, and both parties consent, then that's their business. The concept of virginity overemphasizes sex. At the same time, it delegitimizes sexual relationships between same-sex couples by focusing on penitration of a vagina by a penis. The whole idea of virginity is stressed too much by society. If you want to have sex and you have consent, go for it. If you don't want to, that's fine too. Your sex life is your business. It shouldn't matter how many people someone has had sex with as long as they were smart about it and safe.

  • Let us take this from a biological and historical context.

    Before certain religion told us to "keep it in your pants" humans slept with many other people in order to build and understanding and then find that one person whom they could build a long term relationship with in order to raise children. Biologically, we don't really have to worry about it because there are billions of humans, but among certain ethnic groups and population were seeing a smaller biodiversity in phenotype. Plus, virginity is just a title. And you're considered dirty if you give it up. Let me make some things very clear, 1.)sex helps the brain and body mature by the production of various growth hormones in stages of puberty 2.)virginity loss doesn't make you dirty. The mucous membranes replace themselves. 3.)SEX IS PERHAPS THE MOST NATURAL ACT AMONG HUMANS. Oh amd by the way, those who save it are more likely to have failed relationships, experience depression, and go through divorce.

  • Person's value is way above just their past.

    If virginity is what really matters, it just shows that this world is stuck in the 18th century. You can be a real evil person and be a virgin, or you can be a person with a great personality and be none virgin. Why let virginity be the value of a person? There is a difference with a slut and a non virgin, a slut is guranteed non virgin but a virgin is NOT guranteed a slut. There are many cases virgins have been married and their marriage failed, while we all know non virgins prior to their marriage who found a person they stayed with their whole life.

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