Should Virtual Reality Be Renamed Virtual Prison?

Asked by: natzana467
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  • Your an idiot if you think so,

    Seriously, take the damn headset off if you don't like it. Like seriously tho there are no devices that force someone to be in virtual reality and don't give me the "god made me do it" type response because nothing is forcing you. If you don't think you're in control of yourself go to a doctor and talk about split personality disorder.

  • No no no

    I mean yes maybe no it's simply too complicated to know if no skeleton key exists to unlock this mystery to heresy a conspiracy to one twist I twist two times , twister baby two step no no country boy go home ...Irish step three times to the right, is playa playa oh what a sight to see to say silly be me, me free phone home you see too, call collect see now in no time , bill charged to you, never ever overdue

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