• He definitely should

    If you ever saw Russia in nineties and how it changed during his time you wouldn't ask such question. He has his flaws obviously but his people's lives became objectively better. Yes, there is tham Crimea problem but in my expirience Crymean people (Sebastopol in particular) seems to be his most loyal supporters, so...

  • Yes, Putin should run for a 3rd term.

    I think that VLadimir Putin should run for Russia's presidency for a third time. I think that if the people of Russia are willing to vote for Vladimir Putin for a third time, he should be allowed to run again. I think the reason such a thing is being considered is because he's done a good job.

  • Vladamir Putin should run for Russia's presidency a third time.

    Vladamir Putin should run for Russia's presidency a third time. Vladamir Putin has successfully lead his country since his beginning as president of Russia. Vladamir Putin has conducted his government in a satisfactory way and has generally a high approval rate as the Russian leader among the global community and his political counterparts.

  • he is already a third term

    since he has already won what I beilieve to be his third term, yes he should run for a third term. he seems to have done well by his people. I can not speak of any particular events just that it seems that russia has become stronger in the recent years.

  • He's trying to take over Ukraine.

    No, Valdimir Putin should not run for Russia's presidency a third time, because he is doing dangerous things with the Ukraine. We are all sitting by wondering if Russia is about to take us into another European war by his threatening behavior, sending war plans to the Ukraine just to make a statement.

  • No, he should not

    He is doing something right now that I don't agree with. The grip on Crimea is causing a war like tension. I am all for anything that steers the world away from things like this. The people can't have anymore blood shed. The world needs to just relax for a moment.

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