Should vocational education be made an integral part of school instruction?

  • Yes, Vocational training should be added in the school curriculum..

    Today, the economy’s the world over are changing into knowledge based economies. This changing face of technology the world over requires an individual to be specialized in a particular skill. Only a person who is expert in a particular field can get a good job. Vocational education training institutes impart specialized and practical knowledge to a person and help them become independent at a particular age.

  • yes it should be.

    There are only so many jobs that involve the use of academic subjects. Many college majors have no practical use to the real world. In secondary school, one should be learning technical skils such as those at a trade school. Only the best and brightest should be taught the academic subjects.

  • Vocational education should part of school instruction.

    Vocational education should become an integral part of school instruction. It exhibits the importance of certain tasks, and with the application of this knowledge in an actual professional setting, it supports the importance of such tasks. School will no longer be seen as "daycare" for students. It will be within their knowledge that their actually working toward what they might do for the rest of their lives.

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