Should voters and the media investigate spouses of political candidates?

  • Political Candidates Should Be Ideal

    I believe that voters and the media should investigate spouses of political candidates. As a politician these people should already be aware that there life is going to become an open book. The media should seek out information on the families of political candidates since voters should be interested in the dynamics of their lifestyle.

  • Voters and the media should investigate spouses of political candidates.

    It is important for voters to know everything there is to know about our political candidates, even information about their personal lives. Details about the spouse of a political candidate could be very relevant. If a candidate has personal problems with their spouse, it may endanger their ability to govern.

  • Political Candidates and Their Spouses

    Voters and the media should investigate the spouses of any given potlical candidates that are running for office. Without a doubt, the life of a person's spouse will affect the actual candidates policies and actions. We need to scrutinize the people that a candidate is connected to in order to avoid issues.

  • Voters and the media should investigate spouses of political candidates.

    It is necessary for the electorate to be informed about all aspects of our representatives' lives. Their relationships with spouses are an important part of candidates' lives, and voters deserve to know the whole story. For example, voters who support strong family values would probably not vote for a candidate who has been divorced many times.

  • Too much intervention

    People today already have far too high a fascination with the personal lives of elected officials, celebrities etc. Investigating the spouses of politicians in addition to politicians would only serve to broaden people's interest, and obsession, with people they don't know, while taking their eyes away from actual competence, or people who would be better but would not want the job.

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