• This is all true anybody can get one at the dmv

    You can get id at a local dmv for only like 5 dollars its just today people are being to cheap. I know in North Carolina at the dmv id is free alot of places it is free so people should just stop complaining like espeacilly the people that live off the government.

  • Yes, they should prove their identity.

    I believe voters should have to show a photo ID in order to be allowed to vote. Every time we have an election, the media runs stories for weeks later detailing assorted voter fraud allegations. If we bother to take the time and vote, it means we prefer a certain political candidate. As voters, we would like to be assured that all votes are legal votes.

  • The integrity of the voting process should be maintained.

    Studies show that a voter ID requirement has no chilling effect on voting except for those who are ineligible to vote. Many states have made such laws and also included a provision to make getting such ID's free. There is no compelling reason not to have photo ID to vote and to ensure that all legitimate votes are counted.

  • Yes, I am a naturalized American, and is absurd that you do not just need to proof you are a citizen.

    When I became a resident I was told to carry my green card with me...After becoming citizen I realized the joke of our voting system, as to how many register when they aren't even citizens themselves.

    The whole excuse that getting a photo ID is difficult is one of the most lazy arguments I've ever heard. It takes 20 bucks and 2 hrs in the local DMV, given I couldn't just take off time, I made an appointment before hand, got in and out in 20 minutes.

    A poor person like me, who arrived in this country with the clothes on my backpack who worked his way to citizenship doesn't complain about getting a damn photo ID.

    The simple truth is: the idea that residing in a location magically makes you a citizen is a dangerous one, if there is no need for a voter ID, what is the meaning behind citizenship beyond milking the system?

    Posted by: N711
  • No, they should not.

    I do not think ID should even be required, let alone be needed in order to cast your ballot. We should just be happy that people are showing up to vote. Especially with the low voter turnout in the United States. Matter of fact, just make it compulsory and forget the ID completely.

  • No To Voter ID Laws

    I think that voter id laws are a bad idea. They make it more difficult for people to be able to vote. They extend the time it takes the voting process, which can discourage people from voting in the elections. People should be required to show id when registering to vote, to prove they are a citizen of that state, but to have to show id each time becomes cumbersome to a person.

  • Photo ID laws suppress voting

    Voters should not be required to show photo IDs. The fact remains that not everyone has a photo ID, and the process to get one is more complicated than most people think. A poor person with no car, little access to child care, and a demanding job can not simply take 2 hours off and get to the DMV in order to get a photo ID, which they would ONLY need in order to vote. This simply will not happen. As such, photo ID laws stand as unconsititutional barriers to voting.

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