• Votes for all

    Last I checked, Voting was a right, Not a privilege. It should be the right of all adults. Including violent criminals. There is no reason to deprive someone of their vote. It shouldn't matter what they have done wrong.

    To repeat: It's called the RIGHT to vote for a reason!

  • No, violent felons have lost there right to vote due to there incarceration

    Non-violent criminals are the only criminals that should be allowed the right to vote. Violent criminals are the worst kind of criminals and due to there incarceration and loss of freedom, other rights are acceptable to be stripped such as voting. Also, voting is a privilege because many countries do not have the right to vote, and the court should strip societal privileges in the punishment process.

  • It depends on the crime

    Well the United States of America may be too hard compared to other countries across the world it may be time to left up some of the laws here. People should still be allowed to vote for people in their local elections along with elections at the federal level as well.

  • Those who break the law do not have a right to develop new law.

    It is a mistake to let those who do not follow the law and commit felonies to have a say in its structure, even after serving time. If politicians can rely on or seek to rely on votes from felons, it creates new lobbies or groups to appeal to for those who have violated the law.

  • Only non-violent felons should be allowed to vote.

    In fact, one of the problems we have with our legal system is that too many crimes have been deemed to be 'felonies' when in fact they should not be. It could be argued that our current system is creating excessive, cruel and unusual punishments for many things that our government should not be involved in at all. By diluting the definition of the word 'felony' we have diminished respect and obedience to all laws.

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