Should voting be allowed for young children?

Asked by: jeromeeom
  • Voting should be allowed for chlidren

    Childs are also citizen. Citizens have the right to vote and be a part of the government’s action. But, now, the voting is allowed for only the people that are over 19. Then, it makes the child not voting, not a citizen. This is not able for any citizens of a country.

  • All people should be given the right to vote

    The right to vote is a fundamental need for the populous of a democracy. Regardless of stereotypes that you may have about people of various ages, "children" are people too. It has been proven time and time again that it is unethical to discriminate against a people based on an external characteristic or a statistic pertaining to the people baring the said external characteristic, i.e. children may be statistically likely to be irresponsible, unintelligent, etc., but this is not true of all children. Likewise, women are statistically physically weaker than men, but it's still sexist to assume that of all women, much less deprive them of their rights for it.

  • I dont see why not they problably know more about givernment

    Dont sit there and deny it! You know its true. A majority of the population doesnt even vote and the ones that do have done no research and are misinformed and the other half are informed but have a bias and have an agenda. If we get people involved earlier people might actually care. And if voting was a right then everyone could do it. We dont have rights anymore we have privlages. And we need every informed able citizen to be able to vote. Most of you adults are just pompus and ignorent and have the miscobception that age brings wisdom and tell the young ones just to shutup because they dont know what their talking about. Which effectivly beats any sense of critical thinking and just reinforces any dumb ideas they have when they get older. By taking away their voice you encourage the very thing that has destroyed this country which is ignorence and a i cant change anything attitude

  • Children should absolutely not vote.

    There's a series of reasons for this.

    To begin with, they are neither serious nor mature enough to have such an important role in their country's fate. A child would easily vote for the party of their favorite color or the party whose leader they found better looking. Children are not aware of the importance of the elections and consequently would make irrational decisions.

    Secondly, children are easily manipulated. A child would most likely vote in their parents' party. Should their parents have different parties, the child would vote for the party of whoever they liked the most.
    Not only would children be manipulated by their parents, they would also be manipulated by politicians themselves. Distributing toys in the mail would become commonplace! And the worst thing is: it would work! Why shouldn't you vote for the guy who gave you a toy? The other guy didn't!

    Thirdly, even a very mature child, in a perfect world where no one manipulates them, would simply not be intelligent enough to comprehend a politician's speeches, promises, what they plan do, etc. A child has neither the necessary knowledge nor the sheer brainpower to have a political ideology or to have a preferred economic system. How could they be in charge of choosing who leads the nation?

    At most you could argue to reduce the minimum age to 17 or something of the sort. To allow children of all ages to vote cannot even be considered.

  • Children do not have enough experience.

    Like most of American voters, children are ignorant. They do not have the intelligence to vote for their country's leaders. Age requirements were established to ensure the welfare of the United States; they were not created to deprive "citizenship rights" to minors. When a person legally becomes an adult, they are entitled the right to vote because they can make an intellectual choice.

  • They don't understand yet.

    Children under 18 aren't as intelligent and don't have enough experience and knowledge in politics like adults do. For most than half your life, you will be able to vote, drive a car, drink alcohol, etc. It is not that hard to wait a few more years. Yes, children are citizens, and not voting doesn't make them 'not citizens'.

  • No way not for kids

    Why should kids be able to vote. Kids do not know what is going on and should end up probably picking the first candidate they see. They do not know what abortion, gay marriage and what a economy is. So I do not see one good reason why a kid should vote

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