• Democracy is supposed to follow majority's opinion. To choose the majority, people have to vote.

    In a democracy, people have to vote to show what they like and don't like. Democracy is chosen in countries because it follows the majority's opinions and the way they choose the majority's thinkings is to vote. If people don't vote, the conuntry cannot actually get the information on people's opinions. What I think is if there's no voting, it is not democracy.
    An example is that in countries that are not democratic, or monarchy, there is no need to vote. If there's no voting, there's nothing that makes democracy different from monarchy. I think the most important part of voting is that it shows everyone about what they like. I define demmocracy as one form of government which people choose the leaders by VOTING. Voting is what chooses whether it is a democracy or monarchy

  • Yes it is necessary

    Yes voting should be compulsory but with a "none of the above option" as if everyone does not vote then the results can be be easily manipulated by bribing especially in LDCs. Also in many countries there are many people who are still unaware of voting and its importance but if voting is made compulsory then they will have to be made aware of it and its importance in a government.

  • Democracy by itself means "for the people, by the people and of the people"

    People form the core of democracy. A democracy without active participation of people can be like a body without soul.
    Its of paramount importance that people should vote in democracy.
    Voting and criticizing government are two inseparable poles of one magnet. Its impossible to separate the two poles from each other.
    Such an attempt will only engender anarchy and dissonance.

  • Do To Unforeseen Consiquences

    One people are forced to do something, they sent it. When people resent something, they try to f*ck with it as much as possible. The best example I can find in regards to mandatory voting is in Brazil. Brazil's voting laws make not voting illegal. One of the unforeseen consiquences that happened as a result is what is often called, "Joke Candidates". These candidates have been a tradition in Brazils elections sense 1959 when Soa Paulo (a city in Brazil) elected a Rhinoceros to the city council. In 2014 their are many interesting candidates that ran for some form of office and several that actually won their elections. Some of these candidates include, but are not limited to, Jesus, Satan, Osama Bin Laden, multiple President Obamas, and a guy who is, as best as I can describe him, a hypnotic superman.

  • Better not to vote than to cast an uninformed vote

    People who don't want to vote usually don't bother to make themselves informed. The only way we should make voting compulsory is if we can also simultaneously make it compulsory for people to inform themselves on the issues. I can't see how we could do that. Make everyone take a mandatory class, test them to make sure they were paying attention, and fine them or send them to jail if they fail the test?

    But that wouldn't work and people would claim they were trying real hard to pay attention but the course work was too hard.

    If we make voting compulsory the vote will be decided by uninformed people. Plenty of voters already vote based on whether they like the candidate's name or think he or she looks attractive. That problem would balloon if voting was compulsory.

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