• We should not be forced to vote.

    If we are forced to vote people who don't care about politics will have to vote and will vote for a person who will lead this country downward and we will live in a bad country. Also if you force people to vote who don't want to vote to vote you are taking away our freedom to do what we want.

  • No, voting should not be compulsory in the United States.

    Voting or not voting is an exercise in freedom of choice. The United States cannot force its citizens to vote if they don't want. A law that makes voting mandatory is unconstitutional and betrays the rights of citizens in this country. The government could suggest or coax people to vote.

  • Freedom of choice

    Americans should not be forced to do anything they do not want to do, and that includes participating in our political process. Most Americans are not particularly educated about the issues that the country is facing, and will vote on a single platform, ruining the entire purpose of voting entirely.

  • Voters should be informed.

    No, voting should not be compulsory in America, because it would lead to a lot of people who do not care about politics voting. They would vote for people they do not even know. They would not show up at the polls informed about the issues. The people who care about change and fair elections in America should be the ones showing up to vote.

  • Absolutely not, period.

    Americans can choose to not vote if they don't want to. Not only that, but forcing people to vote would mean that people who don't care about politics will be deciding who will be in office to run the country. That is a terrible idea and thus compulsory voting would be bad for everyone involved.

  • No, voting should not be forced.

    Voting should never be forced upon people who don't wish to participate. While we have the right to vote, Americans also have the right not to vote. Forcing people to vote would cause people who are completely apathetic to do so, without really knowing about the issues and caring what they're doing. It's best to leave voting to people who care enough to make it to their local voting station.

  • No, absolutely not

    If somebody doesn't want to vote on their own, I don't want them voting at gunpoint. They shouldn't be. Our turnout numbers aren't overly impressive, but there's nothing to be gained by pumping them up with a bunch of uninformed people going in and voting for things they haven't even researched. This would be a really bad idea.

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