• Voting is important

    I think that voting should be made compulsory. I think that every person should vote because it really changes their future. Whether if you like the candidates or not is a different story but voting is important to everyone as a nation. I really think that voting makes difference in many fields.

  • No, Only the Informed Should Vote

    Compulsory voting would force people who know nothing about the
    issues to take a position. Surely only an informed electorate should vote on
    the crucial matters decided in on election day. Politics is complicated, and
    some special interest groups do their best to obfuscate the issues. People that
    are unwilling or unable to become informed before they vote should be excused
    form the process, so that only a knowledgeable electorate will help steer the

  • People Have Right to Vote and Not to Vote

    People have free will and can choose to vote or not to. Sometimes, some options aren't viable choices for people in elections so they choose not to vote. Compulsory voting will only skewer results and produce candidates that may not be the true choice of the people. Forcing people to vote is just as bad as forcing people to have health insurance.

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