• Yes, voting is a very important decision to make.

    For instance, president elections is a vital thing to do cause it decides the representative of a nation. But if all citizens do not participate in voting, countries will become chaos. We may have all experienced for one time, but we voted for class president since we are young, and we know that as we participate more, we can choose the class president that we want. In conclusion, I believe that voting should be mandatory for our will.

  • Yes, voting is compulsory but not for playing

    Every citizen of a country should vote but honestly. They should choose the right person for the position.They should not sell their votes to anybody by giving money. But the age to vote is not correct in our country, it must be increased to the age more than twenty or nineteen.

  • Yes mandatory voting

    Many people in the United States think that voting should NOT be mandatory because many people feel that mandatory voting should not be implied in the United States because many people don’t take interest in politics and the vote wouldn’t be completely honest. This is not a reason to not have mandatory voting because if people are told to vote then they would be more interested or will try to learn more before they vote because it still comes done to them in the end. Also, many people think that voting is right and so they also have the right to not vote. Again I find this unreasonable because if they vote then the citizens will have more rights if they pick a responsible and a leader for the better.Therefore, voting should be mandatory.

  • Voting Should Be Mandatory

    Every 4 years around August, wherever you go, you will spot campaign signs reading “VOTE FOR OBAMA” or “VOTE FOR ROMNEY” for the upcoming elections, but do you know how many people actually vote? In the most recent election only 57.5% of the population voted. And if only about half the population votes than does that really follow the “MAJORITY RULES” rule? To make sure the elections have a high turnout and elect leaders by the will of the people, I think that voting should be mandatory in the United States of America.

    Most voting procedures go by the majority rules idea, including America. If mandatory voting was to exist then the turnouts would be better making it easier to follow the majority rules idea. The proof that this would actually be for the better is Australia. According to nytimes.Com, in Australia 1922 60% of the population voted voluntarily. After they adopted the mandatory voting idea, the turnout became 90%. Not only that, but 31 successful countries have adopted mandatory voting.Along with that, Bloomberg View stated that a candidate would have to win by 85% while only less than 60% vote. So, did Obama really win the elections?

    My second point is that if mandatory voting were to be allowed than the selection of the leader would truly represent the will of the people.In the 2013 September issue tphsfalconer.Com stated that only 57.5% of the eligible voters voted. If only about 50% of the population voted then now can that truly be the will of all the population. It just seems that it’s just the will of the people active enough to do anything.Not only that but candidates will be more motivated to reach the goals set for the country knowing that people are watching, which brings be to my next point. Mandatory voting would also make people more interested in the government and politics. If more people watch each step and choice of the government then they will most probably pick leaders for the better of the country and avoid risky leaders.
    As America still debates over whether voting should be mandatory or not, they should make it mandatory in the United States. If it stays voluntary, then the turnout rate might lessen and the leader wouldn’t be picked by all the population. With 31 countries with mandatory voting, America should be the 32nd. To make this happen make sure you go and vote every election and encourage your friends and family to vote as well so America can stand strong and thrive in the political and government world.

  • Autonomy is not a concern for the negative side

    Compulsory voting is not compulsory voting, it is only mandatory to attend the polls. When you attend the polls you aren't being forced to pick between a candidate, because there is usually in compulsory voting countries a "spoil vote" or "none of the above" option, where you are directly addressing that you are not in favor of any candidate. It only effects autonomy, because you actually have to leave your couch to address your concerns. All compulsory voting does is it allows for your opinions to be heard whether it is the opinion to directly not vote, or the opinion of supporting an actual candidate.

  • Yes, for a more accurate representation

    If everyone voted, then there would be an accurate representation of the whole country. Everyone has a say and opinion which must be heard. It would also give incentive for the future as more and more of the population would be well informed in politics. If you don't vote, you do not have the right to complain about the government!

  • Involuntary servitude.

    If the United States our mandated voting every year, this could definitely be classified as involuntary servitude which is directly unconstitutional. Would the US be a better country if it was a mandatory action? Maybe, but that does not change the fact that it would not be constitutional in the first place.

  • No it should not.

    Voting is a right of everybody, but it isn't something to be forced. I don't believe that not voting is the best option, but if people don't want to vote, they do not have to. It is in their best view to vote, but sometimes it is a vote between two evils and one's one usually doesn't matter in this case.

  • Voting should not be maditory

    Voting is a right of everybody, but it isn't something to be forced. I don't believe that not voting is the best option, but if people don't want to vote, they do not have to
    It's your right, to choose if you don't like either of the candidates. Why lie and vote for them, plus some people can't vote, what if they can't walk how they are goanna vote, what if they are working, they can't vote, you don't now the possibilities of what could happen to someone on election night

  • I don't think voting should be mandatory.

    It's your right, to choose if you don't like either of the candidates. Why lie and vote for them, plus some people can't vote, what if the can't walk how are they gonna vote, what if they are working, they can't vote, you don't now the possibilities of what could happen to someone on election night. If it was a law and something happened and you couldn't vote you would have to pay a fine, some people don't have money for that. It is an American choice you should be free.

  • We have rights!

    Why do we want to be forced to do this. If they make people do this it will be 🌪= tornado=disaster and who wants that. Everyone has a right to vote or not to vote and it is written in the constitution and if we denie it than goodbye USA.

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  • Its sucks and its a terribal idea

    People that may not vote may risk paying a fine / jail time. Are we really ghnna go pay a fine /jail time just to vote. Its ment to be a civic responsibliy not duty for many reason . Voting should also be optinal not mandatory becuase if we had it madatory how may people will get a fine/jail time

  • Voting Should Not Be Mandatory

    No, voting should not be mandatory as included with the right to vote is the implicit right to abstain. Not voting, that is, abstaining, is not necessarily an indication that someone does not care about an issue or election. Rather, it may be a conscious decision to defy the system.

  • Uneducated voters increase and non true representation

    To vote is a right and privilege. It is our right to choose if we would like to vote. I mean, seriously do you think that making us all vote would increase representation? The simple answer to that question is no. Making uneducated voters show up at the polls would decrease true representation. If I was to lazy to go vote before voting was made mandatory then I really would not care who was elected to office. Does the government make us practice our right of free speech and our right to gather ourselves together. No, I could just live in a corner of my house for all my life, and the government should not make that illegal. Plus, we are focusing on the wrong problem, we need to be educating our voters instead of making uneducated voters show up at the polls. For these reasons I stand firmly resolved that voting should not be mandatory in United States

  • No Mandatory Voting!!!

    Voting is a right, which means you also have the right to not vote, and we should be free to vote or not vote. Most people who have opinions on political matters, ones based on however much information and however legitimate information, and want their opinions heard will vote. So we can assume that the results are essentially accurate; people who have a stance and desire to express it did express it. Forced turnout is unnecessary, is a burden, and can cause illegitimacy in the results.

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