• Voting should be mandatory

    Voting should be mandatory for all citizens of age. Making voting mandatory will give people in society a reason to engage with politics and decision making. It will also give people a voice because they will choose individuals who will best represent their values, Wants and needs. Finally, Mandatory voting ensures that all peoples are represented.

  • Yes it should, In a way.

    It should be mandated that everyone have the right and the ease to vote. Right now many do not have the right to vote. Some polling places in the USA serve over 100, 000 eligible voters because of horrible rules put in place by people who do not want others to have the right to vote. Some places require IDs but won't allow any ID's that people can get at no cost, Like governmental benefit IDs, Tribal ID's etc. But they will take hunting licenses and ID that costs people $$$. Other places move poling places out of neighborhoods. Others gerrymander to make the minority party more likely to win by fraud. Others destroy the ability for the post office to function at a time when people need to mail in their votes at record rates. If you make it mandatory, Make a voting ease rights act to go with it that ENSURES EVERYONE CAN ACTUALLY VOTE.

  • It is painful and boring, But important

    Yes I know that sometimes there is no good politicians or parties that you feel uphold your views, But, The chance to vote for any type of change, Even if you don't agree with it or particularly care about it, Should be embraced.

    After all, Not many countries have as many freedoms as the US when it comes to voting. This isn't about being democrat or conservative, It is about our right to change society, Embrace it!

  • Voting should not be mandatory

    Someone to go voting, But others do not go to the voting. Because of that someone does not support any political party due to social situation. Especially young age feel disappointment about corraption and their view. In theory, Go to vote is mandatory for adults no matter what do you want. But many political recieve a hundred of thousant of money.

  • Of Course Not!

    For voting to be mandatory, We need to make sure the people that vote actually know what they are talking about, Otherwise, Our next president will be the first to be impeached three times! What I mean by this is that people are so often misinformed, And some people just straight up don't care. Imagine having all of these people vote for the wrong person.

  • Voting is the voters' choice

    Well, In first place, It is not that everyone can vote. There are people in those circumstances where they can not vote. Suppose, They can't reach the voting place in time. But if the vote is necessary, They "NEED" to reach the place in time. The main idea I want to explain is that not everyone can vote because we tell them to necessarily vote. Even though the voting is limited in some countries, That doesn't mean we should mandate voting. If someone really wants to vote out of their circumstances, They would just need to directly run to the voting place and vote before others. Also, It is not that everyone should be engaged in our politics. There will be few, Pretty a lot of people who aren't interested in politics.

  • So many people are not qualified to vote.

    Because Democrats keep them enslaved and give them free stuff they vote Democrat. Democrats buy poor peoples votes with garbage promises such as, White Patriarchy, Climate Crisis, And other false garbage promises they swear on the lives of you they can fix. The Democrat Party is a bunch of lying and stealing thieves. Tax them, They are the rich.

  • Not voting is your own choice and is a way to express your opinion.

    People don't vote for plenty of reasons that could and should be dealt with, Not by forcing people who don't want to or don't think they should vote, But by making it attractive and easy. 29 percent said they didn't vote because they weren't registered, Extremely easy to deal with, Have automatic registration. 23 percent said they had no interest in politics, Not as easy to deal with and is their own belief but we can teach about civics and voting in school. 16 percent said they didn't feel like their vote would matter, This is much harder because it involves changing the entire system, Having a ranked choice popular vote would make more people feel that their vote matters and therefore more likely to vote. 10 percent said they didn't know who to vote for, We could give information about the candidates at polling places and find ways to make information about the candidates more accessible and less time consuming to get. 8 percent because of covid, Which well will probably not be a problem in the next election cycle, And finally 20 percent said they didn't like the candidates which I will refer you to vote not mattering solution. Now why would doing this be better than forcing people to vote? Because it makes them actually want to and makes them feel engaged and excited to vote making them more informed instead of voting for whoever they heard the most about and getting this over with as soon as possible. Not voting could also show dissatisfaction with the system and establishment, Not voting is voting in a way. It forces politicians to appeal to the people because if no one cares, No one will vote for you.

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