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  • Voting should be mandatory for US citizens

    It is my opinion that all citizens in the United States should be required by law to vote in government elections. I feel that the voice of all American citizens should be heard and reflected in the results of elections like the Presidential and Congressional elections. If not all of America votes, than not all of America's opinions are heard.

  • Yes it should be

    I do think voting should be mandatory for all US citizens. I would really like to see everyone get out there and voice their opinions. In the United States, though, if voting were mandatory, the Republican party would immediately die. Last election, over 40 million democrats sat home while Republicans turned out in record percentages and still lost.

  • A no-vote is a choice.

    The citizen may feel that none of the above is a valid choice, in which case they are encouraged to vote for Chuck Norris, who actually controls everything.
    Also, you can force a choice in other things, but forcing someone to choose between who they will perceive as hurting them the least is outright cruel.

  • No: Voting Should Not Be Mandatory in the US

    Voter turnout is pretty poor in the US, especially in non-presidential elections. Forcing people to vote, however, does not solve the problem of lack of civic engagement, which requires more than showing up at the ballot box. People must also possess a thirst for truth, a quality which cannot be endowed through compulsory voting.

  • Think about it...

    Imagine all of the uninformed and misinformed voters who would show up and cast a vote. I am not for an entire country practicing their freedom just because it's mandatory. Just as I trust some of my past high school classmates to vote in the most popular student for president, I trust the country to pick the "prettiest" or "coolest" name on the ballot. If people are willingly to go, those are votes that matter to us. The votes that have reason behind them, for the most part.

  • No, voting shouldn't be mandatory.

    I do not think that voting should be mandatory for all citizens of the United States of America. I think that citizens should have the right to vote or not to vote. I think that while voting is something that I do and think is important, not everybody should be forced to do so.

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