• Should Voting be Mandatory?

    Yes, voting should be mandatory because that is what makes our nation and an election. Also, now people have a choice to have there voice heard in public and all throughout the nation and if there candidate wins they will have something to celebrate about and be glad they voted.

  • Mandatory Voting would give the "right" to vote to many who can't

    Many poor and disadvantaged people can't vote because they can't take the time off work. Mandatory voting would give us true representatives of the people!

    To those who say it infringes on their rights, what about the people who have no "right" to vote because there's no law that allows them to take the day off to vote.

    If we had mandatory voting maybe Americans would pay more attention to the representatives we elect.

  • It's a free country

    When you think of America, you think of the land of the free. If you make people do something as stupid as voting people will think that America is not the free country you think of. People that work might not be able to vote, and they have to miss work and people get frustrated very easily.

  • No no no

    It's a bad idea because it does not follow the constitution.What if you don't have time to do it? Why should we have to vote? America is a free country we should not have to vote for canidates we don't believe in. It would be unfair if we did that.

  • No no no

    We have a freedom of choice in America we should not be forced into voting. What if all of the canidates are bad and you don't like them you don't agree with there views? What if you don't item to vote? Also it is very unconstitutional it would not be a good idea.

  • Voting should not be a law because people shouldn't have to if they don't want to.

    I believe that voting should not be a law because more than 90 million people don't vote that can, and it's redicules if people gets fines for not voting and if it is a law and if there is people they don't want to vote for they shouldn't have to vote for them.

  • Voting shouldn't be mandatory

    Voting should not be mandatory. Every adult has a daily life and can't get off work that easily. What if someone doesn't want any of the candidates, than they shouldn't have to vote. People usually have to wait in line for hours and waste their time waiting in line when they can be doing things. This is why I think voting shouldn't be mandatory.

  • Should voting be mandatory or not

    I don't think that it should be mandatory because it's stupid some people might be sick and they will go to jail for nothing and boom it will be world war 3 for the first time but it's not because of the first amendment of the constitution of the U.S.A!

  • America is free

    Under the 26th admendmet of you have the right to vote at age 18. And under the 13th admendmet you can not force someone to do something unless they break a law that's why it should not be a law to vote but that's my opinion let's hear yours. Thank you for reading.

  • America is free

    If they forced us to vote America wouldn't be free like it is now justice for all means power for all and under the 26th admendmet of the constitution we have the right to vote at age 18 if voting was made mandatory they would ruin that admendmet for America

  • Absolutely no voting

    Voting is a privilege and people do not have to vote. In amendment one it says that we have the right of speech, and it also says you have the right of religion and if you don't believe in voting it should not be mandatory to them and to everyone that hates voting you will not need to work about it.

  • B a d

    It is very bad. People should not be forced.The first amendment to the United States state that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. You cannot truthfully say that not speaking is a form of speech, or that voting is not a form of speech. Voting is simply saying whom you believe will be the best president, therefore, mandatory voting is unconstitutional. One more thing. The right to vote is a right, not a chore or a tax that you pay on election day.

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