Voting is an excellent way to keep tabs on the population (like a census). Also, so many people claim that they detest the government and all things it contains, and yet they don't bother to get up from their chairs and vote come Election Day. We have fought so hard in the past for our voting and freedom and yet so many of us don't bother to exercise this right.

  • Yes, voting should be mandatory.

    From my research there are mainly three reasons why voting should not be mandatory: 1. The general U.S. Public is not educated enough to make an informed decision that will be beneficial to the country, 2. Taking time out of my day to cast a vote that wont make a difference is a waste, 3. The 13th amendment says no involuntary servitude. Here is my rebuttal: 1. A lot of high schools make it mandatory that high school seniors take a government and economic class to graduate, others offer the classes as elective classes. This is informing students who are at the age where they are eligible or are almost eligible to vote about the way the economy works and the difference in the political parties and their beliefs, 2. If there were twenty thousand other individuals who believed that their vote did not matter then that would be a substantial amount of votes that will not get submitted, 3. Taxes, school attendance, and jury duty is not optional and yet there is a rebellion stirring up. Mandatory voting is not a violation of liberty or freedom when it is the sole action that keeps it alive.

  • Yes it should

    As many others have stated, mandatory voting encourages citizens to get educated about what's going on in their country. And as for the people saying it goes against the American way, isn't forcing children to go to school just as much a violation to freedom? But it is clearly is important to raise up an educated society, and in the same way it is important to participate in this nations decision making.

    - A Random 17 Year Old

  • Why we should vote

    1. It's good for the country.
    2. It will affect you and your children.
    3. Some people just don't vote, then they complain about the way the government governs USA. I don't understand those idiots. Dude, if you don't like the president, then go and vote for some other candidate!

  • Voting is Awesome

    I'm not yet old enough to vote. But I know one thing for sure: whether it be for bad or not, voting is our duty. When someone do not vote, they are not fulfilling their duty. Voting is easy: you just have to pick one person and put a check right next to it. I don't understand why people don't vote.

  • Is there any reason not to?

    Having a democracy is about the will of the people right? Under that logic everyone, no matter the educational, financial, or social status, is equal and needs to be represented. The voter apathy right now is deplorable and un-American as people refuse to be recognized as equal citizens because other people have made them believe one vote doesn't matter, it does matter and people need to be reminded that they matter. The time has come for the people to be truly represented so the overly partisan politician becomes a thing of the past.

  • Voting is Part of Our Freedom

    Voting in the United States should be mandatory because the citizens of this country care for their freedom while other citizens are fighting for everyone else's freedom. The entire basis of this country is the idea of a free country where a person can do what they want, without harming others. By voting, it allows our country to be run by a select individual who every one deems the most competent to perform the best job possible and to stand up for what the countries citizens decide on as a whole.

  • The People's Will....Expressed

    Voting should be mandatory but all ballots should include an option for the voter to say "I exercise my right not to express my opinion". Voting is fundamentally required. Our model and the originators of democracy, the ancient Greeks, made it mandatory and other current democracies, such as Australia, have it now. Mandatory voting is not "involuntary servitude " any more than jury duty is and the benefits to our government would be a government far more in tune with the will of the people. In addition there would be less of this mistaking (misconstruing) "will of the people"

  • Compulsory voting eliminates extremes.

    One of the biggest problems with American politics is that more often than not, the candidates we are offered represent political extremes. As a moderate republican, I often feel ashamed and alienated at the actions of my party, especially in light of recent events.

    Not to mention, a lot of right-wing states are enacting legislation that disenfranchises voters. Compulsory voting is an easy fix.

  • We are a democracy

    How can we have democratic elections if the majority of the people are not even VOTING? How can we know who people believe in if not everyone is participating? In the Ancient Greek city-state of Athens, participating in government was mandatory for all citizens, and their democracy thrived. Granted, only male citizens were allowed in government; however, the idea remains the same. Everyone had to understand and follow politics because it was required. The citizens of Athens were much more highly educated on their city-state's politics than most U.S. Citizens today. Democracy was founded in Athens and yet our democracy today does not follow the same standards of education on government that they had over 2,500 years ago.

  • Forcing a person to vote is involuntary servitude.

    The 13th amendment to the constitution of the United States states that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States." So the question is, is a mandatory vote involuntary servitude. In my opinion, yes it is. Not all people feel that voting is prudent for them, and making it mandatory is only forcing those people to do something they don't wish to do.

  • No it should not.

    I don't believe voting should be mandatory in the US. We have a right to vote just as well as we have a right not to vote. Forcing people to vote would be taking away the right of having that choice, and that goes against the American belief. Let the educated people vote and leave the rest be if they choose not to.

  • No People it takes away our freedom and breaks the 13th amendent

    NO this is crazy we shouldn't have to be forced to vote because people can see what they have to say and if people don't like what there going to do for this contry then they don't have to vote they don't want to vote for people who don't like what there going to do.Thats why voting should be volentary

  • We arent smart enough

    As a public, we are uneducated on economics, foreign policy, and almost everything else. Making uneducated people vote is having the blind lead those who can see. They be ineffective and sway to the silver tongue instead of the concrete platform or floating budget. If it were to become mandatory, minimum education requirements would have to be passed, and that is discriminatory

  • No! Voting should not be mandatory!

    THIS IS CRAZY! Why should we people have to vote? I mean, sure you get the full audience making the right choices, but we built this country off of freedom! We deserve better! Come on people if they are doing this they are crossing the first amendment! Freedom of anything! We need to realize that it's not just a few people its tons. Some people could be innocent! Like if I forgot to vote I would go to jail! Would you relly want the same thing to happen to you for a innocent mistake? Huh? NOW THINK ABOUT THAT!

    Sincerly, CLAIRE

  • Voting, Demolish, Rights

    Compulsory voting basically mean everyone is required to vote. If you read the first sentence I wrote, you would clearly see that compulsory voting violates (force) the rights of people, period. Those who say "yes" what will happen if someone doesn't vote; jail time, fine, or put to death. Sounds a-little communist, don't you think. Feel free to tell me what you think:)

  • It denies the people their rights

    America has gone through so much like fighting for the right to vote and to make voting mandatory would be like taking two steps back. From the very beginning America has been going through an ongoing war to protect our rights. "the government is here to protect and enhance our natural rights."

  • Lets not limit the freedom of choice to much...

    I think that it shouldn't be mandatory but I do think that it should be more encouraged. Then maybe people would feel more like they need to vote rather then feeling like they have to vote. I would say though that if the people don't vote, then they can't complain.

  • No it should not

    Hi all you americans, im an aussie over here if you dont vote they fine you , if you dont pay the fine they take your drivers licence off you until you pay the fine. If you
    dont pay the fine they make you do community work, if you dont agree they put in the
    prison. Our politicians here tell us to contact them if you want to discuss local
    issues, but when you do they want you to pay them money so you can have a say , unbeleiveable but its true. Do you see the money trail. Think carefully america. As soon as you bring in compulsery voting over there you might have same drama as us aussies. God bless america its free not like us aussies.

  • No

    No, people should definitely not be required to vote. There are so many individuals out there that are uneducated about the current standing of our nation and the political system that a mandatory voting system would cause chaos. People who don't know the candidates policies would be randomly voting for the candidate, skewing the actual desire of the educated population.

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cadams16 says2014-01-13T07:12:07.497
I agree that voting is an essential part of our country, but how would we enforce this?
10yearold says2016-02-10T00:41:04.323
Well we can enforce this by making people pay a 15 dollar fee if they violate this but only if they violate this so it’s not unconstitutional also you can vote by not voting if you don't like the candidates I did remember what’s it’s called but if I recall correctly you can turn in an empty ballet and say your vote was just simply not voting.
RocketRacoon15 says2016-10-31T12:58:24.323
I disagree I don't think voting should be put in front of our own lives!