• Should voting be voluntary.

    Democracy is based on freedoms. Forcing people to vote is taking away the right not to - it's treating people like children, and not engaging them in politics but rather forcing them to - creating disillusionment and tipping towards the slippery slope to totalitarianism. It's delusional and naive for people to believe compulsory voting is democratic or progressive. Don't make people vote- make them want to.

  • Should not be voluntary

    If voting was voluntary not everyone in Australia would have a say. If voting was voluntary Australia would not be a democracy. And if it's voluntary the government would not be serious which would mean that politicians would not work hard for every vote. An example of voluntary voting is the USA. The US government need to plead people to vote, they also make crazy promises which would mean they would spend more quality money which could be used for world hunger.

  • Should be voluntary

    The voting system is based on the concept of democracy. Democracy is the principle of respecting a person's rights, freedom, thoughts and speech. These are all rights instilled by the australian government to ensure all people have the same rights no matter what race, social status, colour, religion and language.

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