• Yes there should be compulsory voting

    This not only enhances the charity of peoples opinions, But also helps people to engage in politics. When everyone votes, The government will get the message that a large amount of people like this and a less amount of people like that. The person who gets the greatest amount of votes will become the next government. This is the only way that it's fair.

  • Yes voting should be compulsory

    Compulsory voting benefits both society and individuals. First of all, We vote because we want to make our society a better place where everyone is peaceful. We do that by choosing a good government. This is our right to vote, The right to say our opinions. Therefore, There should be compulsory voting in Canada.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that when the people in Canada go and vote, it should be done in the exact same way that we do here in the US, and I think that we have the best type of system that you could ever have, since it has shown to work.

  • Voting In Canada

    I personally think that voting should not be compulsory because the voting would be a law and it would be obligated that individuals voted. I personally think that voting should not be compulsory because voting should be a decision that any individual decides and it should be respected as such.

  • Voting should not be required.

    Voting in Canada should not be compulsory. This is because there are people who choose to sit out of politics because they have objections to one or both political parties. In addition, some people are simply not interested in politics. Others just don't know enough to be able to make a correct judgement, so they just sit it out.

  • You can't force people to care.

    No, voting in Canada should not be compulsory, because people should not vote about things that they do not care about. Canada does not have an extremely large population, and the vote of the uninformed can dilute those who really know about the issues. You cannot make people care about current events by forcing them to vote.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe voting in Canada should be required. I believe people who feel compelled to vote are more likely to do the research in order to pick the candidate they feel will do the better job. If you make people vote you have a part of the population that doesn't care and won't make a choice based on any real reason, which tends to skew the results.

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