Should voting only be allowed to those who make over a certain income level?

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  • Voting is for all

    I disagree with voting based on income. We should all have the right to vote if we are old enough. Some jobs are low paid, but that is no reason to exclude people from voting. It is like saying low income earners are not qualified to vote, or implying that a low salary means less intelligence.

  • No, voting should not only be allowed to those who make over a certain income level

    No, I do not believe voting rights should be restricted based on income. In a democratic society, this would take away the basic rights that the country has enjoyed for generations. If we were to restrict who could and could not vote based on income level, we could no longer call it a democracy.

  • No, voting should be for everyone.

    This country was founded on the principle that all people are created equal. Everyone should be allowed a vote. Already in this country the corporations have all the power. Both parties are bought and paid for, but people should be allowed to participate in the democratic process more, not less, than they already are.

  • No, I don't believe voting should only be allowed with those with a certain income.

    I do understand that when you aren't part of society and you aren't making efforts to help yourself you probably shouldn't have a huge impact on how you want to run your country. Although, removing their rights to vote is not right. Whether your income is low or high you should have a right to decide who you want to elect as you are still a citizen, a person.

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