• It is up to Walmart to decide.

    I think it is entirely up to Walmart how much health benefits they offer their employees. It is a cost that they have to pass on to their customers. It is sad for the workers that their benefits have been cut, but in a free market, if they are not happy, then they have to option to move to another company that offers better health benefits.

  • Yes of course, Part-time, no Health

    Wal-Mart is one of the companies that is surrounded by controversy. Not only are they trying to sell health care while there employee's aren't even covered by the company, they are going to cut health care to pat-time. You only work for a certain amount of time? Therefore you only get part-time health.

  • No, Walmart should not have cut part-time employees health benefits.

    Walmart should not have cut health benefits for its part-time employees. They are entitled to receive these benefits and many of them need these benefits. Simply because some employees are unable to work full-time, they should not be denied valuable health care benefits. For many of these employees, they are unable to obtain other health benefits.

  • No they should share in their profits

    Part time people work as hard as full time. Just not as long. Employers should want to reward their employees with a living wage and decent benefits for their hard work. That is why unions were formed. To look out for the interests of the worker. Given the chance an employers usually only looks out for their bottom line. Not the people who helped them attain that profitable bottom line.

  • No, Wal-Mart shoud not cut health benefits for part-time employees

    Wal-Mart should not have cut health-benefits for part-time employees. Wal-Mart is a huge corporation that has significant earnings. The are one of the world's largest companies by revenue and they are the largest retailer in the country, and possibly the world. Wal-Mart's pay scale for employees is not very generous, but when the company provided health benefits to their employees, those additional benefits compensated employees for the low wage. By Wal-Mart providing health-benefits to part-time employees, they create goodwill among their employees and customers, which will enable them to continue to grow as a company and make money for their stockholders. Wal-Mart's part-time employees depend on having health-benefits, and this will cause a hardship for many people. Wal-Mart already has a negative reputation among certain groups of people, and cutting health-benefits for part-time employees will lead to more people choosing to work and shop elsewhere.

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