Should Walgreens offer primary health care services?

  • Yes, they should.

    Walgreens should offer primary health care services if they can afford to do so. It would benefit Walgreens by getting an increased number of visitors and people wanting to use their store, and it will benefit the people who need to use a primary health care service but have been having trouble getting one.

  • Walgreens Already Offers Primary Health Care Services. http://www.kaiser /stories/2013/ april/04/walgreens- primary-care- services.aspx April 4, 2013

    It’s not just sore throats and flu shots anymore. Walgreens today became the first retail store chain to expand its health care services to include diagnosing and treating patients for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and high cholesterol.

    The move is the retail industry’s boldest push yet into an area long controlled by physicians, and comes amid continuing concerns about health care costs and a potential shortage of primary care doctors.

    “Those two words, diagnosis and treatment, are big words. They show [Walgreens] is coming out of the closet and saying we really are going to do primary care now,” said Tom Charland, chief executive officer of Merchant Medicine, a health care consulting firm.
    By Julie Appleby
    KHN Staff Writer
    APR 04, 2013

    That being said, anyone who goes to Walgreens or CVS to buy drugs or medical equipment (e.G., blood pressure machine) will pay a lot more that those same items at Wal-Mart; sometimes 80% more; I know this for a fact buying a new blood pressure machine and other items, having compared prices.

    Most people do not know this, but at Walmart and CVS stores, almost all the profit and sales are from the prescriptions and the medical equipment sold. The rest of the store makes less than the drug department.

    The whole prescription drug market is a rip off on the people, the drug companies need to be taken over by the government and we need Universal Health Care.


  • Yes, doing so fills an important need.

    I think it's wonderful and civilized that Walgreen's offers primary health care services. They don't go beyond what they should, and they don't try to be something they're not, but it's clear that they are dedicated to the health and well-being of their customers. Some people simply cannot afford to go to the doctor; such people should have access to at least the services that Walgreen's provides.

  • Sure, they should

    Sure, I would agree that Walgreen's should offer primary health care services. Walgreen's offers a lot already with flu shots and vaccinations, so why not expand? This could be a good option for some people who do not have access to primary health care in other places and could be more cost effective.

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