• Yes, Wall Street should be taxed for its mistake.

    I definitely think that Wall Street should be taxed for its mistakes. I think that they should be able to take responsibility for a lot of their foolishness and mistakes. It isn't fair that they can be immune being punished for their failures. That is why it is only right.

  • Wall Street should be highly taxed for their mistakes

    Wall Street should be highly taxed for their mistakes. That is the least we can do as a country to give some of the money back to the rightful owners. Why should millions of American have to pay for the mistakes of a few billionaires. That is not fair at all, and the least we can do is tax them. If it were up to me, I would take them to court and get a lot more than tax money.

  • No, Wall Street should not be taxed for its mistakes

    To start, who will determine what a mistake is and what the tax is for that mistake. The idea of taxing corporate actions that do not align with the federal government interests is a huge mistake because then the government is concerning itself with businesses. As a capitalist country, we solidly believe in a free market system, except for fraud. If Wall Street businesses were taxed for mistakes, it would have to be illegal fraud against consumers (i.e. insider trading, malicious loans).

  • No, I don't think Wall Street should be taxed for it's mistakes.

    I believe that Wall Street is punished enough when they make a mistake, most of their investors in a particular wall street bank will pull their money out of any firm that makes mistakes, I believe if any bailout is required then the bailout should be paid back with interest but I don't believe overall wall-street should be taxed for making a mistake.

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